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The Burning Board Go Festival is a week of Go in a beautiful natural setting, highlighted by a 3 day, 6 game AGA rated tournament. There will also be workshops, simuls and lectures, plenty of self-paired rated or unrated games, camaraderie and toasted marshmallows.

Lectures will be conducted on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well as Sunday morning. Teachers will also be providing lectures, simuls and game reviews throughout the week. Participation in these activities alone are worth much more than the price of admission.

Spend the week onsite in a primitive cabin or offsite in your home or motel.

Lunch is provided on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Registrants are responsible for all other meals. There are numerous outdoor grills available for use, as well as a full mess hall kitchen. There are also a number of restaurants and grocery stores within a few miles of the park.

Any participant under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Participants are encouraged to camp onsite. We have a number of primitive cabins available. These cabins can sleep from one to four people, but do not have water, electricity, air conditioning, or any linens. Only a few cabins are available for single occupancy or 2 day stays. Cabin campers should bring bedding or sleeping bags and flashlights. Cabins do not have locks, so please either don't bring valuables, lock valuables in your car or carry them with you at all times. There is ample parking for campers and commuters (non-campers) and the site is available from 3 PM Monday through noon Sunday.

The number of participants (players and non-players) is limited to 120, and registration will be closed after reaching that number.

We have a Facebook Event page at to facilitate carpool and cabin partnering ideas. We will also use this Facebook page to make announcements before and during the event.

Questions? Email the webmaster, or the chapter representative.

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Last update June 30, 2024