The Triangle Go Group Staying Connected for Over 50 Years

Burning Board 2024, June 17-23

Burning the board

The Triangle Go Group celebrated it's third annual Burning Board Go Festival at a beautiful natural setting in the woods of North Carolina on June 17th through June 23rd. Over 60 Go enthusiasts and supporters met at Camp Lapihio and enjoyed multiple lectures and workshops, exciting simuls with a pro, personalized game reviews and a three day, long game tournament, as well as self-paired games, bonfires and toasted marshmallows. New friends were made and old friends re-united in intense over the board play.

Teacher and famous author Yuan Zhou and well-known Korean pro Eunkyo Do 1P gave their all to the game, enriching eager students with their knowledge and insights. Tournament Director extraordinaire Devin Fraze orchestrated another brilliant event, keeping games on schedule and well regulated. Adam and Arlene Bridges presented delicious lunches and s'mores for the bonfire. The event was supplied once again with artistic custom made trophies provided by Frank Salantrie and Bob Bacon.

Warm (and occasionally hot) clear days merged with cool, refreshing nights as the full moon shone brightly on the happy campers.

Last year's champion, Sheng Huo, became this year's champion after fending off highly skilled competitors. Second place in the open section was awarded to Janar Karh, with Yingzhi Qian taking third. These 3 talented players had identical game records, with final placements determined by their SOS scores. Another local youngster, Toby Chen, proved himself the best of the next band of Dan level players, and was followed closely by this year's board builder, Tom Bitonti. The High Kyu section was won by Philip Sizak, narrowly edging out TGG president and AGA Board member Paul Celmer in second. The band of 3 kyus was dominated by the indomitable Paul Mendola, with Adam Bridges close behind. The 4 kyu group featured new local player Zahn Morrison chased closely by David Jakob. Mid-level kyus saw many outstanding records, including the only 6-0 record of the event, accomplished by yet another local player, Mike Keith. Second place was secured handily by Neal Siekierski. The final band was won by Maxim Razim, who narrowly edged out Russell Herman in second.

Micah Feldman, a friend to Go players across the US and beyond, easily won undisputed distinction as the champion of self-paired games, defeating each of the 7 he engaged. Micah was also the organizer of various non-Go activities enjoyed by many.

This year we attracted players from Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Kansas, Texas, Virginia, Missouri, Maryland, Korea and possibly Alpha Centauri.

Below are a list of participants and their records, as well as details of each round, and a few pics.

Mess Hall games Yuan Zhou lecture Eunkyo Do 1P simul Sheng Huo Toby Chen Paul Celmer Paul Mendola Mike Keith
Entrants Entry Rating AGA ID
Sheng Huo4D 2407642
Qian Yingzhi4D 2032040
Janar Kahr4D 2534642
Matthew Hershberger3D 1408822
Dalan Robertson3D 1885122
Micah Feldman3D 145415
Joshua Guarino2D 1219702
Toby Chen1D 3073542
Thomas Bitonti1D 354033
Philip Sizek2K 3094551
Leroy Anderson1D 2292411
Devin Fraze1K 2013321
Howard Wong1D 1489324
Paul Celmer1K 491033
Anthony Garcia1K 1880033
Danny He1D 3106602
Zahn Morrison4K 3106751
Paul Mendola3K 2587142
Adam Bridges3K 999542
Stephen Leone3K 2330620
Chris Morse3K 2031033
David Jakab4K 3030942
Spencer Berry2K 3105203
Peter Armenia3K 848924
Katie Oh4K 3022233
Jim Conyngham4K 662324
Joe Miller4K 3106023
Mike Keith8K 2628360
David Fruchtenicht3K 260906
Glenn Williamson3K 1128506
Patrick Pettibone5K 3103524
Matthew Gregoire7K 2550042
Neal Siekierski8K 2593951
Bob Bacon6K 1128615
Maxim Razin10K 2041051
Ursa Woodring7K 2596914
Avin Newswanger10K 3024723
Russell Herman12K 277642
Elliot Pahel-Short13K 3029631
Mei Cai13K 2533533
Yueqi Wang14K 3040423
Yi Cai16K 3045222
Mak Patin17K 3107224
Don Nonini16K 1569315

Round One
Sheng HuoJanar KahrW07
Micah FeldmanDalan RobertsonB07
Toby ChenHoward WongB07
Thomas BitontiPaul CelmerW07
Anthony GarciaDavid FruchtenichtW00
Paul MendolaChris MorseW07
Glenn WilliamsonAdam BridgesB07
Philip SizekPeter ArmeniaW07
Joe MillerPatrick PettiboneB07
David JakabKatie OhW07
Jim ConynghamZahn MorrisonB07
Matthew GregoireBob BaconW07
Mike KeithUrsa WoodringW07
Neal SiekierskiAvin NewswangerW00
Maxim RazinRussell HermanW00
Mei CaiElliot Pahel-ShortB07
Don NoniniMak PatinB07

Round Two
Dalan RobertsonSheng HuoB07
Janar KahrMicah FeldmanW07
Howard WongThomas BitontiW07
Anthony GarciaToby ChenB07
Devin FrazePhilip SizekB07
Paul CelmerAdam BridgesW00
Glenn WilliamsonPaul MendolaB07
David FruchtenichtDavid JakabB07
Peter ArmeniaJoe MillerB07
Zahn MorrisonChris MorseW07
Katie OhJim ConynghamW07
Patrick PettiboneMatthew GregoireB00
Ursa WoodringNeal SiekierskiB07
Mike KeithMaxim RazinW00
Avin NewswangerElliot Pahel-ShortB20
Russell HermanDon NoniniW30
Mei CaiMak PatinW07
Bob BaconYueqi WangB70

Round Three
Sheng HuoMatthew HershbergerB07
Qian YingzhiJanar KahrW07
Howard WongDalan RobertsonB07
Micah FeldmanThomas BitontiW07
Toby ChenPaul CelmerW07
Philip SizekAnthony GarciaW07
Adam BridgesPaul MendolaB07
David JakabZahn MorrisonB07
Chris MorseDavid FruchtenichtW07
Joe MillerGlenn WilliamsonW07
Peter ArmeniaKatie OhW07
Patrick PettiboneJim ConynghamB07
Bob BaconNeal SiekierskiB00
Matthew GregoireMike KeithB07
Ursa WoodringMaxim RazinB20
Avin NewswangerMei CaiW20
Elliot Pahel-ShortRussell HermanW07
Yueqi WangDon NoniniB00
Mak PatinYi CaiW07
Spencer BerryDevin FrazeB07

Round Four
Sheng HuoQian YingzhiB07
Dalan RobertsonMatthew HershbergerB07
Janar KahrHoward WongW07
Micah FeldmanToby ChenB07
Thomas BitontiPhilip SizekW00
Paul CelmerZahn MorrisonB20
Paul MendolaSpencer BerryW07
Anthony GarciaChris MorseW00
Adam BridgesJoe MillerW07
Peter ArmeniaDavid JakabB07
Katie OhGlenn WilliamsonW07
Jim ConynghamDavid FruchtenichtW07
Patrick PettiboneMike KeithB20
Neal SiekierskiMatthew GregoireW07
Bob BaconAvin NewswangerB30
Maxim RazinElliot Pahel-ShortW20
Russell HermanMei CaiW07
Yueqi WangMak PatinW20
Yi CaiDon NoniniW07

Round Five
Matthew HershbergerJanar KahrB07
Qian YingzhiMicah FeldmanW07
Joshua GuarinoSheng HuoB07
Thomas BitontiToby ChenB07
Leroy AndersonStephen LeoneB20
Howard WongAnthony GarciaB07
Zahn MorrisonPaul MendolaW07
Philip SizekDavid JakabW00
Paul CelmerDanny HeW07
Katie OhAdam BridgesB07
Chris MorseJoe MillerW07
Jim ConynghamPeter ArmeniaB07
Glenn WilliamsonPatrick PettiboneB00
David FruchtenichtMatthew GregoireB30
Mike KeithNeal SiekierskiW07
Bob BaconUrsa WoodringB07
Maxim RazinAvin NewswangerW07
Russell HermanMak PatinW40
Mei CaiDon NoniniW20
Yueqi WangYi CaiB00

Round Six
Matthew HershbergerQian YingzhiB07
Micah FeldmanSheng HuoB07
Janar KahrToby ChenW07
Leroy AndersonJoshua GuarinoW07
Howard WongPhilip SizekB00
Danny HeThomas BitontiB07
Anthony GarciaDevin FrazeB07
Paul CelmerPaul MendolaW00
Zahn MorrisonAdam BridgesB07
Stephen LeoneSpencer BerryW07
Chris MorsePeter ArmeniaW07
David JakabJim ConynghamW07
Patrick PettiboneKatie OhB07
David FruchtenichtMike KeithB40
Glenn WilliamsonNeal SiekierskiB40
Ursa WoodringMatthew GregoireB07
Bob BaconDon NoniniW90
Maxim RazinMak PatinW60
Russell HermanYueqi WangW00
Mei CaiYi CaiW20

More pictures forthcoming.

Last update June 30, 2024