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Burning Board 2023!


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June 12-18, 2023

40 Go fans entered the woods at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, North Carolina in mid-June, and 40 winners emerged after 7 days of camping, lectures, simuls, game reviews, teaching games and, yes, 6 long tournament games. Lectures were provided by our long-time favorite author, teacher and strong Go player Yuan Zhou. Teacher Zhou clearly explained and helped us appreciate a number of games, and provided details such as the etymology of Ko: Disaster! Simuls, game reviews and teaching games were wonderfully done by Korean pro Eunkyo Do 1P. Eunkyo Do 1P is visiting the US for the first time and will be attending the US Go Congress in July. She has a strong presence on YouTube (Go Inside) and would be happy to gain more students. Participants enjoyed the usual Burning Board camaraderie and s'mores around the ceremonial board burning Saturday night.

Although everyone attending was a winner, the tournament champions were as follows: 1st place in the open section was won by local star player Sheng Huo. 2nd was Jeremiah Donley and Derek Zhou took 3rd. Section A was won by organizer Paul Celmer, with tournament director extraordinaire Devin Fraze taking 2nd. Bart Jacob nobly represented Texas with a 3rd place finish. Justin Su continues to shine seizing 1st place in section B, followed closely by Paul Mendola in 2nd with Katie Oh so close behind in 3rd place. Another local, Neal Siekierski clearly won Section C, although Daniel Chiquito was close behind in 2nd. Jeff Martyn rounded out the section in 3rd place. D division was won by Andrew Rush, with Elliot Pahel-Short placing a very strong 2nd and Jacob Rush at 3rd. Tournament winners took home cash prizes as well as custom made trophies created by Frank Salantrie and Bob Bacon.

Pictures of this event are posted here. Eunkyo Do 1P has a short video of the event here.

Game Results appear below.


Entrants AGA Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Jeremiah Donley5D 2061442
Sheng Huo3D 2407651
Derek Zhou3D 2347733
Micah Feldman3D 145424
Andrew Zalesak3D 1754020
Frank Salantrie3D 201412
Audrey Wang3D 1939001
Joshua Guarino2D 1219711
Charles Alden1D 467924
Thomas Bitonti1D 354033
Paul Celmer1K 491042
Devin Fraze1K 2013342
Nathan Chan1K 1939524
Matt Clarke1K 2301620
Peter Armenia3K 848924
Adam Bridges3K 999504
Bart Jacob4K 397942
Jim Conyngham4K 662333
David Jakab4K 3030920
Paul Mendola5K 2587142
Katie Oh5K 3022233
Ursa Woodring6K 2596915
Paul R Howard6K 398433
Bob Bacon6K 1128622
Justin Su7K 2137751
Matthew Gregoire7K 2550033
Jeff Martyn8K 1625924
Avin Newswanger9K 3024715
Daniel Chiquito10K 2292842
Neal Siekierski11K 2593951
Russell Herman11K 277622
Tianyi Lin13K 2597106
Elliot Pahel-Short15K 3029631
Andrew Rush16K 3021242
Mike Keith19K 2628311
Jacob Rush20K 3031215
burning the board

Round One
Jeremiah DonleyMicah FeldmanW07
Derek ZhouSheng HuoB07
Charles AldenJim ConynghamW30
Devin FrazeThomas BitontiW07
Paul CelmerNathan ChanW07
Bart JacobPeter ArmeniaW07
Paul MendolaKatie OhB07
Matthew GregoirePaul HowardW07
Bob BaconUrsa WoodringW07
Justin SuJeff MartynW07
Avin NewswangerDaniel ChiquitoB07
Neal SiekierskiRussell HermanW07
Tianyi LinAndrew RushB20
Elliot Pahel-ShortJacob RushW20

Round Two
Sheng HuoJeremiah DonleyW07
Micah FeldmanDerek ZhouW07
Thomas BitontiCharles AldenW07
Paul CelmerDevin FrazeW07
Nathan ChanPeter ArmeniaW00
Katie OhBart JacobB07
Jim ConynghamPaul MendolaB07
Ursa WoodringMatthew GregoireB07
Paul HowardJustin SuB07
Jeff MartynAvin NewswangerW07
Russell HermanDaniel ChiquitoB07
Neal SiekierskiAndrew RushB40
Tianyi LinJacob RushB60

Round Three
Micah FeldmanSheng HuoB07
Jeremiah DonleyNathan ChanW00
Charles AldenDerek ZhouB07
Thomas BitontiPaul CelmerW07
Devin FrazeAdam BridgesW00
Bart JacobMatthew GregoireW20
Peter ArmeniaPaul MendolaB00
Katie OhJim ConynghamB07
Ursa WoodringJustin SuB07
Paul HowardAvin NewswangerW20
Jeff MartynDaniel ChiquitoW00
Neal SiekierskiTianyi LinW00
Russell HermanJacob RushW80
Andrew RushElliot Pahel-ShortW07
burning the board

Round Four
Sheng HuoFrank SalantrieW07
Derek ZhouJeremiah DonleyW07
Micah FeldmanThomas BitontiW07
Charles AldenPaul CelmerW07
Nathan ChanDevin FrazeB07
Adam BridgesBart JacobB07
Peter ArmeniaKatie OhW00
Jim ConynghamMatthew GregoireW20
Paul MendolaJustin SuW00
Paul HowardUrsa WoodringW07
Jeff MartynNeal SiekierskiB20
Daniel ChiquitoTianyi LinW20
Bob BaconAvin NewswangerW20
Andrew RushJacob RushW30

Round Five
Sheng HuoAudrey WangW07
Andrew ZalesakMicah FeldmanW07
Derek ZhouJoshua GuarinoB07
Frank SalantrieJeremiah DonleyB07
Thomas BitontiNathan ChanW07
Devin FrazeCharles AldenW07
Paul CelmerBart JacobW20
Peter ArmeniaJim ConynghamB07
Adam BridgesKatie OhB00
Paul MendolaDavid JakabB07
Justin SuMatthew GregoireW07
Paul HowardDaniel ChiquitoW30
Ursa WoodringJeff MartynW00
Avin NewswangerNeal SiekierskiB00
Russell HermanAndrew RushW40
Tianyi LinElliot Pahel-ShortB00
Jacob RushMike KeithB07
Matt ClarkeBob BaconW40

Round Six
Sheng HuoAndrew ZalesakB07
Jeremiah DonleyJoshua GuarinoW07
Micah FeldmanPaul CelmerB00
Thomas BitontiDerek ZhouB07
Charles AldenFrank SalantrieB07
Matt ClarkeDevin FrazeW07
Nathan ChanBart JacobW20
Jim ConynghamDavid JakabB07
Peter ArmeniaUrsa WoodringW20
Adam BridgesPaul MendolaB00
Katie OhPaul HowardW07
Justin SuBob BaconW07
Matthew GregoireJeff MartynW07
Daniel ChiquitoAndrew RushW50
Neal SiekierskiJacob RushW80
Avin NewswangerTianyi LinW30
Elliot Pahel-ShortMike KeithW30


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