The Triangle Go Group Staying Connected for Over 50 Years

Guo Juan Workshop, October 17 & 18, 2009

Guo Juan
This was the third North Carolina Guo Juan Workshop, and like previous events, everyone had fun and learned more about this fascinating game. The location was changed this year to the Brier Creek Country Club, where we enjoyed fine food, comfortable surroundings and superb professional instruction. Sixteen go players benefitted from Guo Juan's teaching, laughed often, and came away from the weekend with stronger skills and the desire to play more Go.


Survivor Go
In addition to lectures and game reviews, Guo Juan also continued the tradition of Survivor Go. In survivor Go, the participants are split into two teams, and each member takes a turn making a move on the demo board. Guo Juan judges each move based on the individual skill level of the player, and if the move is bad, that player is eliminated from the game. As always, fun and education in a stimulating package.


Simul Game
Our teacher also played a simul game with all of the participants, managing to devastate almost everyone at the same time. Following are more pictures from this event. Additional pictures appear on the page linked below.

Guo Juan is now offering online group lessons, a new format for accelerated online training. Click here to visit Guo Juan's Intensive Online Training website.

And mark your calendar for next year! Location and dates should be announced by late August, 2010.