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Carolina Spring Tournament, May 19, 2019.

24 Go players enjoyed stimulating competition in the North Carolina Annual Spring tournament on Sunday, May 19th. After 4 rounds of well matched games the following winners were noted: in the top band, Jeff Kuang won all of his games and claimed the otp prize; second place was a tie between Ji Wen and Haixin Yang, each with a 3 win 1 loss record and identical SOS scores. Band 2 was won by Tao Ma with a 3-1 record; Charles Alden placed second with a 2-2 performance and the highest SOS score, edging out the other 2-2 winners in that section, Jim Conyngham and Justin Blank. Russell Herman was the clear winner in Band 3 with the only other perfect 4-0 record of the day, and Will Daland claimed 2nd place as his SOS score placed him slightly higher than the other 2-2 performers, Ganning Xu, Dale Blann and Bhaskar Bharath. John Schollenberger won 3 of 4 games to lead the pack in Band 4, with Sky Wang placing second. The tournament was attended by many supportive parents, and we greatly appreciate their support. Jeff Kuang was the Tournament Director. Lunch was provided onsite by the Triangle Go Group. The beautiful playing area was provided courtesy of Triangle Go Group member Dale Blann. Thank you, Jeff and Dale!


More photos from this event are available on the Triangle Go Group photo page. In the below tables, komi is listed as 7 and 0, representing 7.5 and 0.5 respectively. Winners appear in bold.

Entrants AGA Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Jeff Kuang4D 1384540
Brian Wu3D 1545204
Chen Yuan3D 2459904
Ji Wen2D 2460231
Haixin Yang2D 2413131
Sheng Huo2D 2407622
Brian Aronson2D 1779211
Charles Alden1D 467922
Tao Ma1K 2353431
Justin Blank3K 1389122
Jim Conyngham4K 662322
Bob Bacon6K 1128622
Kerianne Squitire7K 1779520
Tom Roncoli7K 2260713
William Daland8K 641622
Ganning Xu11K 2062822
Dale Blann11K1034822
Tom Carlson11K 1128804
Bhaskar Bharath12K 2291422
Russell Herman12K 277640
Cenhuan Wang15K 2457913
John Schollenberger16K 823531
Don Nonini16K 1569313
Sky Wang18K 2387022

Round One
Jeff KuangBrian WuW07
Chen YuanJi WenB07
Sheng HuoHaixin YangB07
Charles AldenTao MaB07
Justin BlankJim ConynghamB07
Tom RoncoliBob BaconB07
William DalandDale BlannW20
Tom CarlsonGanning XuB07
Russell HermanBhaskar BharathW07
Don NoniniCenhuan WangW07
John SchollenbergerSky WangW00

Round Two
Chen YuanJeff KuangB07
Haixin YangBrian WuW07
Ji WenSheng HuoW07
Brian AronsonCharles AldenB07
Tao MaJustin BlankB20
Jim ConynghamBob BaconB00
William DalandKerianne SquitireB07
Tom RoncoliGanning XuW20
Tom CarlsonRussell HermanB07
Bhaskar BharathDale BlannB07
Cenhuan WangJohn SchollenbergerB07
Don NoniniSky WangB20

Round Three
Ji WenJeff KuangB07
Haixin YangChen YuanW07
Brian WuBrian AronsonW07
Charles AldenSheng HuoB07
Tao MaJim ConynghamW20
Justin BlankBob BaconW00
Kerianne SquitireTom RoncoliW07
William DalandRussell HermanB20
Dale BlannGanning XuB07
Bhaskar BharathTom CarlsonW07
John SchollenbergerDon NoniniW07
Cenhuan WangSky WangW00

Round Four
Jeff KuangHaixin YangW07
Sheng HuoChen YuanW07
Brian WuJi WenB07
Justin BlankCharles AldenB07
Tao MaBob BaconW30
Jim ConynghamTom RoncoliW20
William DalandGanning XuW00
Russell HermanJohn SchollenbergerW30
Bhaskar BharathDon NoniniW30
Dale BlannCenhuan WangW30
Tom CarlsonSky WangB50