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Carolina Spring Tournament, April 22, 2018.

38 Go players participated in the North Carolina Annual Spring tournament on Sunday, April 22nd. It was a beautiful sunny day on the UNC campus in Chapel Hill, and after 4 rounds of intense competition the following winners were noted: in the top band, perennial champion Eric Zhang won all of his games; second place was a tie between Brian Wu and Suyoung Yoon. Band 2 was won by Tao Ma with another 4-0 record; Paul Celmer placed second. There was a 3 way tie for first place in Band 3, with Eric Tillberg, Harrison Pedigo and Tom Roncoli each achieving a 3-1 record. Raul Crisan won all 4 of his games to lead the pack in Band 4, with Justin Su and Ganning Xu placing second. Band 5 was handily won by Ajay Dheeraj, with another perfect 4-0 record; Annie Yuan and John Schollenberger tied for second, and Sophia Yang was 3rd. The local Go community was encouraged by the many first and second time tournament participants. The tournament was attended by many supportive parents and one special guest, local Professional Ying Shen 2P. Ying Shen 2P offered suggestions and encouragement to many of the participants, and her presence was greatly appreciated. Jeff Kuang was the Tournament Director. Lunch was provided onsite by the Triangle Go Group. The site was arranged by the Cary Go Club.


More photos from this event are available on the Triangle Go Group photo page. In the below tables, komi is listed as 7 and 0, representing 7.5 and 0.5 respectively. Winners appear in bold.

Entrants AGA/Entry Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Jeff Kuang4d 1384512
Eric Zhang4d 1326540
Guojun Zhu4d 1810804
Frank Salantrie3d 201422
Suyoung Yoon2d 2332531
John Moore2d 1382822
Brian Wu2d 1545231
Xiaoping Wu1d 1347213
Peter St. John1d 108313
Paul Celmer1d 491022
Justin Blank3k 1389113
Tao Ma3k 2353440
Eric Tillberg4k 2102231
S. Yod Teague5k22237 22
Qinglan Wei5K 2388704
Bob Bacon6k 1128611
Thomas McCarthy6k 1012420
Leroy Anderson6k 2292422
Harrison Pedigo6k 2382931
Garrett Weeter7k 2353022
Thomas Roncoli7k 2260731
Ben Parrott7k 2289713
Andrew Thieman8k 2374922
Will Daland8k 641613
Ellen Zeng8k 2062722
Russell Herman11k 277612
Dale Blann11k 1034813
Ganning Xu13k 2062822
Raul Crisan14k 2091540
Justin Su15k 2137722
John Schollenberger16k 823531
Sky Wang25K 2387013
Sophia Yang25K 2388622
Yichen Fan25K 2385404
Andre Fan25K 2383713
Derek Zhang25k 2386913
Annie Yuan25K 2333231
Ajay Dheeraj25k 2352940

Round One
Eric ZhangGuojun ZhuW07
Frank SalantrieJeff KuangW07
Suyoung YoonBrian WuW07
Paul CelmerJohn MooreB07
John, St.Xiaoping WuB07
Tao MaJustin BlankW07
Eric TillbergS. TeagueW07
Qinglan WeiHarrison PedigoB07
Garrett WeeterAndrew ThiemanB07
Leroy AndersonBen ParrottW07
Thomas RoncoliRussell HermanW20
Ellen ZengWill DalandB07
Ganning XuDale BlannB07
Justin SuRaul CrisanB07
John SchollenbergerSky WangW30
Annie YuanYichen FanW07
Sophia YangAndre FanW07
Derek ZhangAjay DheerajB07

Round Two
Jeff KuangEric ZhangB07
Guojun ZhuFrank SalantrieB07
John MooreSuyoung YoonB07
Xiaoping WuBrian WuB07
Paul CelmerJohn, St.B07
Tao MaEric TillbergW07
Justin BlankHarrison PedigoB07
S. TeagueQinglan WeiW07
Andrew ThiemanLeroy AndersonW07
Thomas McCarthyThomas RoncoliW07
Ben ParrottEllen ZengW10
Will DalandGarrett WeeterB07
Dale BlannJustin SuB40
Raul CrisanGanning XuW07
John SchollenbergerSophia YangW30
Derek ZhangAnnie YuanB07
Ajay DheerajYichen FanW07
Andre FanSky WangB07

Round Three
Eric ZhangFrank SalantrieW07
Suyoung YoonJeff KuangB07
John MooreGuojun ZhuW07
Brian WuJohn, St.W07
Xiaoping WuPaul CelmerB07
Tao MaAndrew ThiemanW20
S. TeagueJustin BlankB07
Harrison PedigoEric TillbergB07
Qinglan WeiGarrett WeeterB07
Ben ParrottThomas McCarthyB07
Bob BaconLeroy AndersonW07
Thomas RoncoliWill DalandW07
Ellen ZengDale BlannW10
Ganning XuRussell HermanW07
Raul CrisanDerek ZhangW70
John SchollenbergerJustin SuB07
Ajay DheerajSophia YangW07
Sky WangAnnie YuanB07
Yichen FanAndre FanB07

Round Four
Eric ZhangJohn MooreW07
Frank SalantrieBrian WuB07
Guojun ZhuPaul CelmerB07
Xiaoping WuSuyoung YoonB07
John, St.Tao MaB07
Eric TillbergJustin BlankW07
Harrison PedigoBob BaconW07
Andrew ThiemanS. TeagueB07
Qinglan WeiEllen ZengB10
Thomas RoncoliBen ParrottW07
Garrett WeeterLeroy AndersonB07
Will DalandGanning XuB30
Dale BlannRaul CrisanB07
Russell HermanJustin SuW10
John SchollenbergerYichen FanW50
Ajay DheerajSky WangW10
Annie YuanSophia YangB10
Andre FanDerek ZhangB07