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Ratings Tournaments


The Triangle Go Group has been holding small ratings tournaments every few months or so, beginning in April, 2007. These tournaments are self-paired, loosely structured, and intended primarily to be a method for players to obtain or refine their AGA ratings without having to travel to another state. These tournaments will emphasize recruitment of new players, and introduce new players to the use of game clocks and AGA rules.

Friendship/Ratings tournaments are only slightly different from regular ratings tournaments. Friendship/Ratings events are paired tournaments, with entry fees returned as prize money in various bands.


Results from our second tournament, on June 23rd, 2007, were submitted to the AGA on June 24th, and the AGA posted new ratings on June 25th! Below is a chart based on rated games from the this tournament. This time, we collected a $10 entry fee, which paid for drinks, a fine lunch, and left a little for cash prizes. First place winner ($40) was Tom McCarthy; second place ($25) went to Gerry Canavan; and Will Daland won third ($15). Places were based on outcomes of both rated and unrated games.

We held our first ratings tournament on April 28, 2007. Results from this tournament were emailed to the AGA on April 29th, and they posted new ratings on May 2nd. Below is a chart generated from the results file that was sent to the AGA. Only rated games appear in this listing.

Results from rated games, June 2007

Entrants Entry Rating Wins Loses
Dale Blann18k 03
Gerry Canavan9k 62
Austin Robinson9k 34
Steven Tatlow11k 15
Frank Salantrie3d 12
Will Daland9k 32
Bob Bacon8k 12
Vincent Dimattia11k 13
Steve Uhl1d 21
Glenn Williamson3k 31
Paul Celmer1d 13
Tom McCarthy7k 50
Tom Carlson14k 32
Steve Manning15k 32
Peter Armenia2k 12
Jason Bates1k 11
Played WhitePlayed BlackWho Won?HandicapKomi
Gerry CanavanAustin Robinsonw07
Paul CelmerGlenn Williamsonb30
Vincent DimattiaDale Blannw70
Bob BaconGerry Canavanb00
Will DalandSteven Tatloww00
Will DalandSteve Manningw40
Tom McCarthyAustin Robinsonw20
Steven TatlowTom Carlsonb30
Steven TatlowSteve Manningb40
Austin RobinsonWill Dalandw07
Gerry CanavanWill Dalandw07
Bob BaconVincent Dimattiaw30
Gerry CanavanWill Dalandb00
Paul CelmerPeter Armeniab30
Frank SalantrieSteve Uhlb20
Austin RobinsonSteven Tatloww20
Glenn WilliamsonTom McCarthyb40
Gerry CanavanSteven Tatloww20
Tom CarlsonSteve Manningb00
Tom McCarthySteve Manningw60
Austin RobinsonTom Carlsonb50
Peter ArmeniaGlenn Williamsonb00
Tom McCarthyGerry Canavanw00
Frank SalantriePaul Celmerw20
Steve UhlJason Batesw00
Tom CarlsonDale Blannw40
Austin RobinsonVincent Dimattiaw29
Gerry CanavanTom Carlsonw50
Vincent DimattiaSteven Tatlowb07
Steve ManningDale Blannw30
Jason BatesPeter Armeniaw00
Frank SalantrieGlenn Williamsonb40
Austin RobinsonGerry Canavanb07
Paul CelmerSteve Uhlw07
Tom McCarthyBob Baconw00



Results from rated games, April 2007

Entrants Entry Rating Wins Loses
Emily Mount16k22
Xiaoping Wu1k21
Brian Wu35k20
Paul Celmer1d13
Steve Manning15k12
Bob Bacon8k13
Michael Plesser19k02
Adam Plesser7k11
Adam Bridges2k12
Peter Armenia3k31
Frank Salantrie3d11
Tom McCarthy8k40
Played WhitePlayed BlackWho Won?HandicapKomi
Michael PlesserBrian Wub90.5
Steve ManningEmily Mountb10.5
Peter ArmeniaBob Baconw40.5
Paul CelmerXiaoping Wub10.5
Adam BridgesAdam Plesserb50.5
Tom McCarthyEmily Mountw60.5
Bob BaconSteve Manningb70.5
Paul CelmerPeter Armeniab30.5
Frank SalantrieXiaoping Wub30.5
Tom McCarthyBob Baconw07.5
Tom McCarthySteve Manningw60.5
Paul CelmerAdam Bridgesb20.5
Peter ArmeniaAdam Plesserw40.5
Emily MountMichael Plesserw20.5
Frank SalantrieXiaoping Wuw20.5
Emily MountBrian Wub90.5
Adam BridgesTom McCarthyb50.5
Paul CelmerPeter Armeniaw30.5
Bob BaconEmily Mountw80.5