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Pairings and Results, July 5, 2020 Tournament
between Triangle Go Group and the Cleveland Go Club.

Games were played on the KGS go server, in the club room named Triangle Go Group.

Pairings appear below. Each player played twice against the same opponent, once as white and once as black. All games were even, with no handicap and 7.5 points komi for white. Time limits were 45 minutes main time, with 5 byo yomi periods of 30 seconds each.

In the chart below, each player's KGS name appears in the column immediately after the player's name. The next column lists club membership, as TGG (Triangle Go Group) or CGC (Cleveland Go Club). Round 1 began at 10 AM EST on July 5th, and Round 2 started at 1:00 PM EST. Results were displayed shortly after games were completed, with the winner's name in the column labelled "Winner."

The Team Leader for the Triangle Go Group was Paul Celmer. Jerry Jaffe was the Team Leader for the Cleveland Go Club.


Updated July 5, 2020, 2:55 PM EST

After Round One, the Triangle Go Group had 6 wins and the Cleveland Go Club had 5 wins.

At the end of two rounds, the Triangle Go Group had 12 wins, and the Cleveland Go Club had 10 wins.

Players with 2 wins include Chen Yuan, Jerry Jaffe, Tao Ma, Alex Lillie, Manny Jauregui, Justin Su and Christina Wang.

 Round One
White Rating KGS Name Club Black Rating KGS Name Club Winner Club
 Soren Jaffe 5DIkebrawler CGC  Jingkai Wei3Dyuji1010 TGG Soren Jaffe CGC
 Michael Stevenson2Dslarty CGC  Chen Yuan 3Dcocoland TGG Chen Yuan TGG
 Paul Celmer 1Dslothrop TGG  Jerry Jaffe 1Dolimar CGC Jerry Jaffe CGC
 Mark Ronan2KIrish CGC  Tao Ma 2Kmataophy TGG Tao Ma TGG
 Alex Lillie 2KAlilWeird CGC  Xiaoping Wu 1Dpeterson TGG Alex Lillie CGC
 John Cuturic4Ktokii CGC  Joseph Reed 3Kjoenosai TGG Joseph Reed TGG
 Joe Kaplan 5Ktoledojoe CGC  Staysee Yod Teague 5Kcopacetic TGG Staysee Yod Teague TGG
 Manny Jauregui 8KMannyJ CGC  Deacon John Aiken 8KDeaconJohn TGG Manny Jauregui CGC
 Eli Steiger 9Kn4m3 CGC  Ganning Xu 11Kganning TGG Eli Steiger CGC
 Steve Zilber 13KGeckoz CGC  Justin Su 13Kjsu21ges TGG Justin Su TGG
 Christina Wang 17Kchristinaw TGG  Tien Baldwin 18Kkisachan CGC Christina Wang TGG
 Round Two
White Rating KGS Name Club Black Rating KGS Name Club Winner Club
 Jingkai Wei 3Dyuji1010 TGG  Soren Jaffe5DIkebrawler CGC Jingkai Wei TGG
 Chen Yuan3Dcocoland TGG  Michael Stevenson 2Dslarty CGC Chen Yuan TGG
 Jerry Jaffe 1Dolimar CGC  Paul Celmer 1Dslothrop TGG Jerry Jaffe CGC
 Tao Ma2Kmataophy TGG  Mark Ronan 2KIrish CGC Tao Ma TGG
 Xiaoping Wu 1Dpeterson TGG  Alex Lillie 2KAlilWeird CGC Alex Lillie CGC
 Derek Zhou 3Kmonster123 TGG  John Cuturic4Ktokii CGC John Cuturic CGC
 Staysee Yod Teague 5Kcopacetic TGG  Joe Kaplan 5Ktoledojoe CGC Joe Kaplan CGC
 Deacon John Aiken 8KDeaconJohn TGG  Manny Jauregui 8KMannyJ CGC Manny Jauregui CGC
 Ganning Xu 11Kganning TGG  Eli Steiger 9Kn4m3 CGC Ganning Xu TGG
 Justin Su 13Kjsu21ges TGG  Steve Zilber13KGeckoz CGC Justin Su TGG
 Tien Baldwin 18Kkisachan CGC  Christina Wang 17Kchristinaw TGG Christina Wang TGG