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The 2016 North Carolina Spring Go tournament was held on a beautiful Sunday (May 15, 2016). There was a total of 28 players enjoying the fun of go games. Eric Zhang 5d swept all 4 games (including one non-rated) to become the champion in the open section (1-5D). The tournament results were as follows. Open section: Eric Zhang 5d (4-0), Brian Wu 1d (3-1). 1-7kyu: Daniel Evan 1k (3-1), Adam Bridges 3k (3-1), Bob Bacon 6k (3-1). 8-12kyu: S. Y. Teague 8k (3-0), Alex Kuang 10k (3-1). 14kyu and up: Justin Su 21k (3-1), Ganning Xu 15k (2-1), John Schollenberger 14k (2-2).

In the Rounds results grids, 0.5 komi is displayed as 0 komi, and 7.5 komi is displayed as 7 komi. 1 stone handicap games are displayed as 0 handicap and 0 komi.

Entrants Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Owen Chen5d 1218212
Zheng Zhang [Eric]5d1326530
Frank Salantrie3d 201413
Brian Aronson3d 1779211
Xiaoping Wu1d 1347222
Brian Wu1d 1545231
Paul Celmer1k 491013
Evan Daniel1k 1218031
Sergio Parreiras3k 1298622
Adam Bridges3k 999531
Thomas Roncoli5k 2260704
Bob Bacon6k 1128631
Alvin Chen7k 1805722
Kerianne Squitire7k 1779522
S.Y. Teague8k 2223730
William Daland9k 641613
Jeff Martyn10k 1625912
Ellen Zeng10k 2062722
Dale Blann10k1034822
Steven Manning11k 908503
James Shen11k1583712
Alex Kuang10k 1876431
John Schollenberger14k 823522
Ganning Xu15k 2062821
Jeremy Marshburn15k 2254722
Angelina Zhang18k 2123213
Justin Su21k 2137731
Yicheng Li27k 2264612

Round One
Zheng ZhangFrank Salantriew07
Brian AronsonPaul Celmerw00
Xiaoping WuBrian Wub07
Evan DanielAdam Bridgesw00
Sergio ParreirasThomas Roncoliw00
Bob BaconKerianne Squitirew07
Alvin ChenWilliam Dalandw00
Steven ManningEllen Zengb07
Jeff MartynAlex Kuangb07
James ShenDale Blannb07
John SchollenbergerJeremy Marshburnw07
Ganning XuAngelina Zhangw20
Justin SuYicheng Liw40

Round Two
Zheng ZhangOwen Chenw07
Frank SalantrieBrian Aronsonw07
Brian WuEvan Danielb07
Paul CelmerXiaoping Wub07
Sergio ParreirasAdam Bridgesb07
Thomas RoncoliBob Baconb07
Kerianne SquitireAlvin Chenw07
S.Y. TeagueAlex Kuangw00
William DalandEllen Zengw00
Jeff MartynDale Blannb07
James ShenSteven Manningw07
John SchollenbergerGanning Xuw07
Jeremy MarshburnJustin Sub30
Angelina ZhangYicheng Lib00

Round Three
Owen ChenFrank Salantriew07
Brian WuPaul Celmerw07
Xiaoping WuEvan Danielw07
Sergio ParreirasKerianne Squitirew30
Adam BridgesThomas Roncoliw20
Bob BaconAlvin Chenw00
S.Y. TeagueWilliam Dalandw07
Alex KuangJames Shenw07
Dale BlannEllen Zengb07
Jeff MartynJohn Schollenbergerw00
Steven ManningGanning Xub20
Jeremy MarshburnYicheng Liw30
Justin SuAngelina Zhangb07

Round Four
Zheng ZhangXiaoping Wuw20
Owen ChenBrian Wub20
Frank SalantrieEvan Danielb20
Paul CelmerSergio Parreirasw00
Adam BridgesBob Baconw00
Thomas RoncoliAlvin Chenb00
Kerianne SquitireEllen Zengw00
S.Y. TeagueDale Blannw20
William DalandAlex Kuangb00
John SchollenbergerJustin Sub50
Jeremy MarshburnAngelina Zhangw00