The Triangle Go Group Staying Connected for Over 50 Years

North Carolina State Championship
and 22nd Annual Memorial Go Tournament

September 30, 2023, at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, NC


An enthusiastic group of 23 Go aficionados convened in Umstead State Park, Raleigh NC on Saturday, September 30th, for a day of games and camaraderie. Skill levels ranged from beginners to 6 Dans, with almost half rated shodan or higher.

Chen Zhang Chen Zhang, 6 Dan, was the only undefeated contestant and was awarded the title of North Carolina Go Champion 2023. Second place in the open section was seized by rising star Huo Sheng. The very competitive Section A had almost all players ending with a 2 win and 2 loss record, so SMS scores were employed to name Josh Guarino first and Brian Wu second. First place in Section B was clearly claimed by Zack Garrett, followed closely by Paul Celmer in second. Ben Parrot's 3 win 1 loss history topped the others in Section C, with Andrew Thieman coming in second. Steadily improving Neal Siekierski's 3-1 performance clearly won section D, with Jeff Martyn in second. Lunch was provided onsite by Adam Bridges, courtesy of the Triangle Go Group, and Jeff Kuang performed admirably again as our Tournament Director. The event marked the 22nd year that the Triangle Go Group sponsored a major Autumn tournament.


A grid of all players, their records and results of each round appear below.

Entrants Entry Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Chen Zhang6D 2561040
Edward Zhang6D1490621
Sheng Huo (Thomas)4D2407622
Jeff Kuang3D1384522
Suyoung Yoon3D2332513
Joshua Guarino2D1219722
Brian Wu2D1545222
Frank Salantrie2D201401
Thomas Bitonti1D354022
Xiaoping Wu1D1347222
Paul Celmer1K491022
Zack Garrett2K1508231
Adam Bridges3K999513
David Jakab3K3030904
Bob Bacon6K1128621
Andrew Thieman7K2374922
Matthew Gregoire7K2550022
Ben Parrott8K2289731
Neal Siekierski9K2593931
Jeff Martyn9K1625921
Don Nonini14K1569303
Yi Cai16K9999911
Yueqi Wang18K3040412

Round One
Chen ZhangSheng HuoW07
Edward ZhangSuyoung YoonW07
Frank SalantrieJeff KuangB07
Joshua GuarinoBrian WuW07
Thomas BitontiXiaoping WuW07
Zack GarrettPaul CelmerW07
Adam BridgesDavid JakabW07
Andrew ThiemanMatthew GregoireW07
Ben ParrottJeff MartynW07
Neal SiekierskiDon NoniniW40
Yi CaiYueqi WangW00

Round Two
Chen ZhangEdward ZhangW07
Jeff KuangSheng HuoW07
Suyoung YoonJoshua GuarinoB07
Brian WuThomas BitontiW07
Paul CelmerXiaoping WuB07
Adam BridgesZack GarrettB07
David JakabBob BaconB20
Andrew ThiemanBen ParrottB07
Matthew GregoireNeal SiekierskiB07
Jeff MartynYi CaiW50
Don NoniniYueqi WangB30

Round Three
Jeff KuangChen ZhangB07
Sheng HuoJoshua GuarinoW07
Suyoung YoonThomas BitontiW07
Xiaoping WuBrian WuB07
Zack GarrettDavid JakabW20
Paul CelmerAdam BridgesW07
Bob BaconAndrew ThiemanB07
Neal SiekierskiBen ParrottB07
Matthew GregoireDon NoniniW60
Jeff MartynYueqi WangW80

Round Four
Neal SiekierskiAndrew ThiemanW07
Joshua GuarinoChen ZhangB07
Edward ZhangJeff KuangW07
Brian WuSheng HuoB07
Xiaoping WuSuyoung YoonW07
Thomas BitontiZack GarrettW07
Paul CelmerDavid JakabW00
Adam BridgesBob BaconB20
Ben ParrottMatthew GregoireB07

Chen Zhang

Zack Garrett

Josh, Edward and Chen

Chen Zhang

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