The Triangle Go Group Staying Connected for Over 50 Years

North Carolina State Championship
and 21st Annual Memorial Go Tournament

September 17, 2022, at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, NC



Thirty Go enthusiasts gathered on September 17, 2022 at Umstead Park, Raleigh, NC for the North Carolina Championship and 21st Annual Memorial Tournament. The weather was ideal and spirits were jovial as familiar and new friends competed for trophies and cash prizes.

Chen Zhang, Pengyu Guo et alAfter 4 rounds of intense competition the open section (3 to 7 Dan) ended with 3 players winning 3 games and losing 1. SMS scores were used to declare the new North Carolina State Champion: Pengyu Guo.
First place in the open section was deemed to be Edward Zhang, with Chen Zhang securing 2nd place honors.
Section A (2 to 3 Dan) also had 3 ties at the top, and SMS scores determined 1st place honors for Suyoung Yoon, with Nianci Gan in 2nd place.
Section B (all 1 Dan) was clearly won by Xiaoping Wu, who posted a perfect record of 4-0. Second place was taken home by Florida visitor Dakota Krafick.
The winner of section C (1-3 Kyu) was Tao Mao with an impressive 3-1 score, with second place going to Paul Celmer.
6 to 9 Kyu comprised section D, which was handily won by Justin Su, who posted the only other perfect 4-0 record of the day. Ben Parrot was named for 2nd, although later review suggests that Yihui Shao earned that position and young Mr. Shao was awarded a trophy and cash prize after the event.
Section E (10-12 Kyu) had multiple ties, with the winner, Sky Wang, determined by SMS scores. Neal Siekierski was awarded 2nd place.

A magnificent lunch was prepared and presented by Arlene Bridges with assistance from Russell Herman. The Tournament was smoothly run by Tournament Director Jeff Kuang.


A grid of all players, their records and results of each round appear below. Photos from the tournament are posted here.

Entrants AGA Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Chen Zheng7D 2561031
Edward Zhang6D 1490631
Pengyu Guo6D 2607031
Jeff Kuang4D 1384503
Suyoung Yoon3D 2332522
Nianci Gan3D 1440322
Sheng(Thomas) Huo3D 2407622
Chen Yuan3D 2459922
Ji Wen3D 2460203
Joshua Guarino2D 1219713
Xiaoping Wu1D 1347240
Dakota Krafick1D 2608131
Boris Bernadsky1D 1373421
Thomas Bitonti1D 354022
Leroy Anderson1D 2292413
Tao Ma1K 2353431
Paul Celmer1K 491022
Masanari Parker2K 1716013
David Fruchtenicht2K 260922
Justin Blank3K 1389122
Bob Bacon6K 1128622
Ben Parrott6K 2289713
Tom Roncoli7K 2260713
Justin Su9K 2137740
Yihui Shao9K 2598022
Daniel Chiquito9K 2292813
Sky Wang10K 2387022
Neal Siekierski10K 2593922
Russell Herman11K 277622
Eric Lin15K 2597113

Round One
Jeff KuangChen ZhengB07
Edward ZhangPengyu GuoW07
Nianci GanSuyoung YoonB07
Joshua GuarinoJi WenW07
Sheng(Thomas) HuoChen YuanW07
Leroy AndersonXiaoping WuB07
Boris BernadskyDakota KrafickB07
Thomas BitontiPaul CelmerW07
Tao MaDavid FruchtenichtW07
Masanari ParkerJustin BlankW07
Bob BaconBen ParrottW07
Tom RoncoliYihui ShaoW00
Justin SuDaniel ChiquitoW07
Neal SiekierskiSky WangB07
Russell HermanEric LinW30

Round Two
Chen ZhengEdward ZhangW07
Pengyu GuoSheng(Thomas) HuoW07
Suyoung YoonJeff KuangW07
Ji WenNianci GanB07
Chen YuanJoshua GuarinoW07
Dakota KrafickThomas BitontiW07
Xiaoping WuTao MaW07
Leroy AndersonBoris BernadskyB07
Paul CelmerMasanari ParkerW07
Justin BlankDavid FruchtenichtW07
Tom RoncoliBob BaconB07
Ben ParrottJustin SuB00
Yihui ShaoRussell HermanW07
Sky WangDaniel ChiquitoW07
Neal SiekierskiEric LinW40

Round Three
Chen ZhengPengyu GuoB07
Edward ZhangSuyoung YoonW07
Chen YuanJeff KuangW07
Sheng(Thomas) HuoNianci GanB07
Xiaoping WuJi WenW07
Joshua GuarinoDakota KrafickB07
Boris BernadskyThomas BitontiW07
Masanari ParkerLeroy AndersonB07
Tao MaPaul CelmerW07
David FruchtenichtBen ParrottW30
Justin BlankBob BaconW00
Tom RoncoliJustin SuB07
Sky WangYihui ShaoB07
Russell HermanNeal SiekierskiB07
Daniel ChiquitoEric LinW50

Round Four
Suyoung YoonChen ZhengB07
Nianci GanEdward ZhangB07
Pengyu GuoChen YuanW07
Sheng(Thomas) HuoJoshua GuarinoW07
Dakota KrafickXiaoping WuB07
Thomas BitontiMasanari ParkerW07
Tao MaLeroy AndersonW07
Paul CelmerJustin BlankW07
David FruchtenichtBob BaconW00
Ben ParrottTom RoncoliW07
Justin SuNeal SiekierskiW00
Yihui ShaoEric LinB70
Daniel ChiquitoRussell HermanB00

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