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North Carolina Championship Tournament

September 28, 2019

Chen An

The second North Carolina State Champion Tournament was held at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, NC on September 28, 2019. Twenty five players turned out.

For the second year running, Chen An 7 Dan won the North Carolina State Championship with a perfect 4 win 0 loss record. He faced strong competition this year from another 7 Dan, Chengyu Fu, who placed a very respectable second place in the event. The Open Section was quite competitive this year with two 7 Dans, a strong 5 Dan, two powerful 4 Dans and four battling 3 Dans.

The weather was warm in Raleigh, and the atmosphere was on fire as 25 players engaged in their favorite board game. Tournament Director Jeff Kuang ran the show smoothly and pairings appeared quickly. A sumptuous lunch was again provided by Arlene and Adam Bridges.

Section A ended with a tie between Chen Yuan 2 Dan and Sheng Huo 2 Dan, each with a 3-1 record. Justin Blank was the clear victor in Section B with the only other 4-0 score for the day, with Andrew Thieman and John Aiken tying for second place. The very competitive Section C produced a 3 way tie for first, with Jeremy Washburn, Ganning Xu and Bhaskar Bharath each racking up a 3-1 result. There was yet another tie for top honors in Section D between Justin Su and Russell Herman.


The following tables reflect the 4 rounds of play. The first table is a record of entries with Win/Loss records. The next 4 tables display the results from each round. This data is based on the TD file submitted to the AGA, cross checked with the wall boards from the tournament. Komi is shown as a whole number. A Komi of 7 represents a komi of 7.5, and a komi of 0 means an actual komi of 0.5. In the Rounds tables, the winner of each pairing is in bold type. In pairings with a handicap of 1 stone, the komi and handicap columns each contain a zero.

Entrants AGA Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Chen An7D 2312340
Chengyu Fu7D 2409831
Yunying Zhu5D 2276902
Jeff Kuang4D 1384512
Suyoung Yoon3D 2332522
Andrew Zalesak3D 1754012
Ji Wen2D2460222
Frank Salantrie3D 201403
Chen Yuan3D 2459931
Sheng Huo2D 2407631
Peter St. John1D108312
Paul Celmer1D 491004
Tao Ma1K2353422
Justin Blank3K 1389140
Bob Bacon6K 1128612
Andrew Thieman7K 2374922
John Aiken8K 1670922
Jeremy Marshburn9K 2254731
Paul Landers9K 2161303
Ganning Xu11K 2062831
Bhaskar Bharath12K 2291431
Justin Su12K 2137722
Russell Herman12K 277622
Sky Wang18K 2387013
Zhe Wang17K 2441413

Round One
Yunying ZhuChengyu FuB07
Jeff KuangChen AnB07
Ji WenSuyoung YoonW07
Andrew ZalesakFrank SalantrieW07
Chen YuanSheng HuoW07
Paul CelmerJohn, St.B07
Tao MaJustin BlankB00
John AikenAndrew ThiemanB07
Paul LandersJeremy MarshburnB07
Ganning XuBhaskar BharathW07
Justin SuRussell HermanB07
Zhe WangSky WangB07

Round Two
Chengyu FuChen AnB07
Ji WenYunying ZhuW07
Suyoung YoonAndrew ZalesakW07
Frank SalantrieChen YuanB07
Sheng HuoJohn, St.W07
Tao MaPaul CelmerW07
Justin BlankAndrew ThiemanW30
Bob BaconJeremy MarshburnW00
Paul LandersJohn AikenB07
Russell HermanGanning XuB07
Bhaskar BharathSky WangW30
Justin SuZhe WangW40

Round Three
Chen AnJi WenW07
Andrew ZalesakChengyu FuB07
Chen YuanJeff KuangB07
Frank SalantrieSuyoung YoonB07
Sheng HuoPaul CelmerW07
John, St.Tao MaB07
Justin BlankBob BaconW30
Andrew ThiemanJeremy MarshburnB00
John AikenGanning XuW00
Bhaskar BharathPaul LandersW07
Russell HermanZhe WangB50
Justin SuSky WangW30

Round Four
Suyoung YoonChen AnB07
Chengyu FuJeff KuangW07
Sheng HuoJi WenW07
Tao MaChen YuanB07
Paul CelmerJustin BlankB07
Andrew ThiemanBob BaconW07
Jeremy MarshburnJohn AikenW07
Bhaskar BharathZhe WangW60
Ganning XuJustin SuW07
Russell HermanSky WangW30

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