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North Carolina Championship Tournament, September 22, 2018.

The first North Carolina State Champion Tournament was held at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, NC on September 22, 2018. Forty two players turned out and Ying Shen 2P offered game reviews onsite.

Chen An 7d earned the first North Carolina State Champion with a perfect 4-0 score and Chengyu Fu 7d and Brian Wu 3d share second place in Open section. Tao Ma 2k swept all four games to take first place in Division A (2d-2k) and 8-year old Sheng Hou 1d and Peter St. John 1k took second. Bob Bacon 6k managed to not only serve as one of the tournament organizers but also won first place with a perfect score in Division B (3-6k) while Harrison Pedigo 4k, LeRoy Anderson 5k, and Justin Blank 3k shared second place. First-time tournament player Ki Y. Kim 8k collected the top award in Division C (7-11k) and Tom Roncoli 7k and Andrew Thieman 7k shared second place. Justin Su 15k was first in Division D (12k & up) and Janus Childester was second.

- Jeff Kuang, Tournament Director


The following tables reflect the 4 rounds of play. The first table is a record of entries with Win/Loss records. The next 4 tables display the results from each round. This data is based on the TD file submitted to the AGA, cross checked with the wall boards from the tournament. Komi is shown as a whole number. A Komi of 7 represents a Komi of 7.5, and a komi of 0 means an actual komi of 0.5. In the Rounds tables, the winner of each pairing is in bold type.

Entrants AGA Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Chen An7D 2312340
Chengyu Fu7D 2409831
Jeff Kuang4D 1384512
Brian Wu3D 1545231
Frank Salantrie3D 201422
Suyoung Yoon3D 2332522
Seogil Yoon3D 2410222
Hongzhou Li3D 2409122
Andrew Xu3D 2126513
Haixin Yang3D 2413113
Sheng Huo1D 2407631
Nathan Borggren1D 1321222
Xiaoping Wu1D 1347210
Jiayi Chen1D 2411213
Paul Celmer1D 491013
Thomas Bitonti1D 354001
Peter St.John1K 108331
Chun Ho Chung1K2411513
Matthew Baker1K2333513
Tao Ma2K 2353440
Justin Blank3K 1389122
Adam Bridges3K 999501
Harrison Pedigo4K 2382922
Leroy Anderson5K 2292422
S. Yod Teague5K2223704
Bob Bacon6K 1128630
Andrew Thieman7K 2374922
Tom Roncoli7K 2260722
Kerianne Squitire7K 1779513
Garrett Weeter7K 2353013
Ki Kim8k2412340
John Aiken8K 1670921
Vincent Dimattia8K 1301921
Dale Blann11K 1034812
Bhaskar Bharath12K 2291422
Russell Herman12K 277613
Justin Su15K 2137740
Don Nonini15K 1569303
Janus Chidester16K 2408131
Ajay Dheeraj18K 2352922
Sky Wang25K 2387022
Larry Liu26K 2412403

Round One
Chengyu FuBrian WuW07
Jeff KuangChen AnB07
Haixin YangAndrew XuB07
Seogil YoonFrank SalantrieB07
Suyoung YoonHongzhou LiW07
Paul CelmerSheng HuoB07
Jiayi ChenNathan BorggrenB07
Tao MaChun ChungW07
Peter St.JohnBaker, AustinW07
Justin BlankHarrison PedigoW07
Teague, YodLeroy AndersonB07
Garrett WeeterKerianne SquitireB07
Tom RoncoliAndrew ThiemanB07
Vincent DimattiaDale BlannW20
Ki KimJohn AikenW07
Russell HermanBhaskar BharathW07
Don NoniniJustin SuB07
Janus ChidesterAjay DheerajW00
Sky WangLarry LiuW07

Round Two
Chen AnChengyu FuW07
Andrew XuJeff KuangB07
Frank SalantrieSuyoung YoonW07
Hongzhou LiHaixin YangW07
Brian WuSeogil YoonW07
Nathan BorggrenSheng HuoB07
Chun ChungJiayi ChenB07
Peter St.JohnPaul CelmerW07
Baker, AustinTao MaB07
Justin BlankLeroy AndersonW00
Harrison PedigoTeague, YodW07
Andrew ThiemanBob BaconB07
Kerianne SquitireVincent DimattiaB07
Ki KimGarrett WeeterW07
John AikenTom RoncoliW07
Dale BlannRussell HermanW07
Bhaskar BharathJustin SuB00
Janus ChidesterDon NoniniW07
Ajay DheerajSky WangW07

Round Three
Frank SalantrieChen AnB07
Chengyu FuHongzhou LiW07
Haixin YangBrian WuB07
Suyoung YoonAndrew XuW07
Sheng HuoSeogil YoonB07
Nathan BorggrenPaul CelmerW07
Jiayi ChenPeter St.JohnB07
Tao MaJustin BlankW07
Chun ChungBaker, AustinW07
Leroy AndersonHarrison PedigoB07
Bob BaconTeague, YodW07
Kerianne SquitireKi KimB07
Vincent DimattiaAndrew ThiemanB07
Garrett WeeterTom RoncoliB07
John AikenRussell HermanW30
Dale BlannBhaskar BharathB00
Justin SuJanus ChidesterW07
Don NoniniSky WangB30
Ajay DheerajLarry LiuW20

Round Four
Chen AnSuyoung YoonW07
Jeff KuangChengyu FuB07
Brian WuFrank SalantrieW07
Hongzhou LiNathan BorggrenW07
Seogil YoonAndrew XuW07
Jiayi ChenHaixin YangB07
Sheng HuoPeter St.JohnW07
Thomas BitontiTao MaB07
Justin BlankXiaoping WuB07
Paul CelmerChun ChungW07
Baker, AustinHarrison PedigoW07
Adam BridgesBob BaconB00
Andrew ThiemanLeroy AndersonB07
Teague, YodKi KimB07
Tom RoncoliKerianne SquitireW07
Garrett WeeterRussell HermanW30
Bhaskar BharathAjay DheerajW40
Justin SuSky WangW50
Janus ChidesterLarry LiuW50

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