The Triangle Go Group Staying Connected for Over 50 Years

North Carolina State Championship
and 20th Annual Memorial Go Tournament

September 25 and 26, 2021, at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, NC


42 Go enthusiasts participated in this tournament with players from North Carolina, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Illinois. We welcomed an unusually large contingent of Dan players, with 23 entrants rated between 1 Dan and 7 Dan. We were especially impressed by and appreciated the presence of Richard Hugh, a 93 year young Go player who played well and lifted everyone's spirits. He was the unofficial champion of the tournament.

Shelter #2

The 1 hour, 5 30 second byo yomi games took place in an open air shelter in beautiful Umstead State Park. Masks and hand sanitizer were provided and their use encouraged. All participants were required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Lunch was provided both days courtesy of the hosting club, the Triangle Go Group.

Jeff Kuang was the Tournament Director and the tournament ran smoothly, as always. Trophies and cash prizes were awarded to 5 sections, topped by the very competitive open section. The previous NC State Champion, Chen An, was unable to compete due to academic demands but he visited Sunday and played an exciting game with the Yi Li, our new State Champion.

Section D, with players 9 kyu and lower was won by Bhaskar Bharath and Russell Herman, who tied for top honors. Justin Su came in second.

Section C, 6 kyu to 8 kyu, saw Bob Bacon in first, and Tom Roncoli second.

Section B, 1 kyu to 5 kyu, was won by Stephen Choung, followed closely by Robert Qi in second place.

Section A, 3 dan to 1 dan, enjoyed great competition and the victory of young Huo Sheng. Second place was a tie between veterans Nianci Gan and Suyoung Yoon.

And in the Open Section, 7 dan to 4 dan, Yi Li, an undergraduate student at Duke University, handily won the section and became the new North Carolina State Champion. Second place was secured by another outstanding player, Alexander Qi.

Thank you to all participants and especially to Adam and Arlene Bridges who coordinated and provided the lunch fares.

Champion Yi Li

A grid of all players, their records, and results of each round appear below. Photos from the tournament are posted here.

Entrants Entry Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Chen An7D 2312301
Yi Li6D 2561360
Alexander Qi6D 2356051
Chen Zhang6D 2561042
Jake Game6D 2183824
Qingbo Zhang5D 2289642
Joel Kenny4D 2454524
Eric Zhang4D 1326524
Jeff Kuang4D 1384513
Nianci Gan3D 1440333
Sheng Huo3D 2407642
Suyoung Yoon3D 2332533
Andrew Zalesak3D 1754021
Chen Yuan3D 2459924
Ji Wen3D 2460224
Frank Salantrie3D 201424
Joshua Guarino2D 1219724
Boris Bernadsky1D 1373433
Leroy Anderson1D2292432
Thomas Bitonti1D 354033
Xiaoping Wu1D 1347223
Peter St.John1D 108324
paul celmer1D 491024
Stephen Choung1K 2036060
David Fruchtenicht2K 260933
Adam Bridges2K 999533
Justin Blank3K 1389133
Joseph Reed3K 1669611
Michael Basmajian3K 2558205
Harrison Pedigo4K 2382933
Robert Qi5K 2379542
Bob Bacon6K 1128641
Tom Roncoli7K 2260730
Richard Hugh8K 734615
Bhaskar Bharath11K 2291442
Tom Carlson11K 1128801
Russell Herman12K 277642
Tyle Stelzig12K 2443312
Bryan Pyrtle12K 2531132
Justin Su13K 2137730
Don Nonini14K 1569315
Nicholas Wang30K 2561403

Round One
Jake GameJoel KennyW07
Alexander QiEric ZhangW07
Qingbo ZhangChen ZhangB07
Jeff KuangYi LiB07
Nianci GanAndrew ZalesakB07
Joshua GuarinoJi WenB07
Frank SalantrieChen YuanB07
Suyoung YoonSheng HuoB07
paul celmerLeroy AndersonB07
Peter St.JohnThomas BitontiB07
Xiaoping WuBoris BernadskyW07
Adam BridgesStephen ChoungB07
Michael BasmajianDavid FruchtenichtB07
Justin BlankHarrison PedigoW07
Robert QiHugh RichardW20
Bryan PyrtleBhaskar BharathB07
Russell HermanTyle StelzigW07
Don NoniniJustin SuB07

Round Two
Chen ZhangAlexander QiB07
Yi LiJake GameW07
Ji WenQingbo ZhangB07
Joel KennyChen YuanW07
Eric ZhangAndrew ZalesakW07
Sheng HuoFrank SalantrieW07
Nianci GanSuyoung YoonB07
Thomas BitontiJoshua GuarinoB07
Leroy AndersonXiaoping WuW07
Boris Bernadskypaul celmerW07
Stephen ChoungPeter St.JohnW07
David FruchtenichtJustin BlankB07
Adam BridgesMichael BasmajianW07
Harrison PedigoRobert QiW07
Bob BaconHugh RichardW00
Bhaskar BharathRussell HermanW07
Bryan PyrtleDon NoniniW00
Justin SuTyle StelzigW07

Round Three
Alexander QiYi LiB07
Jake GameQingbo ZhangB07
Joel KennyEric ZhangW07
Chen ZhangSheng HuoW07
Suyoung YoonJeff KuangB07
Chen YuanNianci GanB07
Andrew ZalesakJi WenW07
Frank SalantrieJoshua GuarinoB07
Thomas BitontiBoris BernadskyB07
Xiaoping WuStephen ChoungB07
Peter St.Johnpaul celmerW07
David FruchtenichtHarrison PedigoB00
Justin BlankAdam BridgesW07
Robert QiMichael BasmajianW07
Bob BaconBhaskar BharathW30
Hugh RichardJustin SuB20
Russell HermanBryan PyrtleW07
Tyle StelzigDon NoniniW00

Round Four
Yi LiChen ZhangW07
Alexander QiJoel KennyW07
Sheng HuoQingbo ZhangB07
Eric ZhangJake GameW07
Chen YuanJeff KuangW07
Joshua GuarinoSuyoung YoonB07
Ji WenNianci GanB07
Stephen ChoungFrank SalantrieW07
Boris BernadskyLeroy AndersonB07
Xiaoping WuPeter St.JohnW07
Justin BlankThomas BitontiB07
paul celmerDavid FruchtenichtB07
Harrison PedigoAdam BridgesW07
Robert QiTom RoncoliB20
Michael BasmajianBob BaconB07
Bhaskar BharathHugh RichardW07
Tom CarlsonRussell HermanB07
Don NoniniNicholas WangW40

Round Five
Yi LiJoel KennyW07
Qingbo ZhangAlexander QiB07
Chen ZhangEric ZhangW07
Suyoung YoonJake GameB07
Jeff KuangNianci GanB07
Chen YuanSheng HuoB07
Leroy AndersonJi WenB07
Stephen ChoungJoshua GuarinoW07
Thomas BitontiFrank SalantrieB07
Peter St.JohnBoris BernadskyW07
paul celmerJustin BlankW07
David FruchtenichtAdam BridgesB07
Joseph ReedHarrison PedigoW07
Bob BaconRobert QiB07
Michael BasmajianTom RoncoliB00
Hugh RichardRussell HermanB07
Bhaskar BharathDon NoniniW40
Bryan PyrtleNicholas WangW60

Round Six
Chen AnYi LiB07
Jake GameAlexander QiB07
Joel KennyChen ZhangB07
Sheng HuoEric ZhangW07
Qingbo ZhangNianci GanW07
Ji WenSuyoung YoonB07
Chen YuanStephen ChoungB07
Frank SalantrieLeroy AndersonW07
Boris BernadskyJoshua GuarinoW07
Thomas BitontiXiaoping WuW07
David FruchtenichtPeter St.JohnW07
Harrison Pedigopaul celmerB07
Adam BridgesJoseph ReedW07
Justin BlankRobert QiB00
Bob BaconRussell HermanW40
Tom RoncoliBhaskar BharathW20
Hugh RichardNicholas WangW90
Bryan PyrtleDon NoniniW00

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