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Yuan Zhou Workshop, April 30, May 1 & 2, 2010

Raleigh, North Carolina

The Fourth North Carolina Workshop with Yuan Zhou will be held April 30th, May 1st & May 2nd, 2010.

Yuan Zhou is a long-time Go teacher based in the Washington, DC area. Mr. Zhou is skilled at teaching students of all levels.

For Triangle Go Club members, the cost is $50.00 for adults, and $25.00 dollars for students under 22. Costs for non-Triangle Go club members are $90.00 for adults and $35.00 for children for the entire workshop.

We are sure you will want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to improve your game at this special, deeply discounted price. Space is limited to 16, so please reserve your seat early.

Tentative Schedule:

The location will be the Crabtree Valley Hampton Inn on HWY 70/Glenwood Ave in Raleigh, NC. A mapquest link to this location is here.

This workshop is sponsored by the Triangle Go Club.

To register, send an email to with "workshop" in the subject line and send your check to:
Paul Celmer
1902 Ford Gates Drive
Garner, NC 27529

Biography of Yuan Zhou follows:

Yuan Zhou was born on April 5, 1975, in Tianjin, China. Tianjin is a major city in the northern part of China, near Beijing. His father, Xin-Li Zhou, taught him to play go at the age of six, and a year later he won the Tanggu District Junior Championship. After this auspicious beginning, Zhou began professional training while he was still seven years old. He was twice invited to represent Tianjin in the All China Prodigy Cup.

In 1989 Zhou immigrated to the USA and joined the American Go Association (AGA), becoming a US citizen. He helped develop an active Go program at the University of Maryland, from which he earned a BS in Electrical Engineering, and became increasingly involved in AGA events, winning many Go tournaments. Please see the list below for Yuan Zhou's US Go titles. Zhou is one of the top competitors on the American Go scene, winning the Eastern US Open, one of the biggest US tournaments in 1992. He also won New Jersey Open, one of the biggest US tournaments, four times. Twice he has also won the Maryland Open, another major tournament that attracts strong players. Zhou is regularly invited to play in the North American Ing Cup, which involves the strongest US players, and the North American Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament, which also includes pros. Zhou has twice defeated pros in even tournament games: Hak Soo Kim 6p in the 1995 Fujitsu and Xuefen Lin 1p in the 2001 Eastern Oza. In 2004 he won the US Ing Redmond Cup and with Kristen Burrall as partner, the US Pair Go Tournament. He and Burrall represented the US in the 15th World Pair Go Championship in Tokyo. Zhou was also the US representative in the 3rd World Student Oza in Tokyo.

In addition to his competitive successes, Zhou has become a popular teacher and lecturer, frequently giving lectures and doing game analyses at various Go clubs in the Eastern US region. He has also published many books at Slate & Shell, available at Zhou resides in Germantown, Maryland.

Here is a list of the US tournaments Zhou has won:

Mid Atlantic Open 1990
Eastern Open 1992
NoVa Cherry Blossom 1992
NoVa Cherry Blossom 1993
NoVa Pumpkin Classic 1993
University of Maryland Open 1993
Maryland Open 1994
New Jersey Open 1995
University of Maryland Open 1995
New Jersey Open 1996
New Jersey Open 1997
Philadelphia Open 1998
NoVa Congress Tune Up 1999
Mid Atlantic Open 2000
Pennsylvania Open 2000
Korean Baduk Eastern Open 2001
New Jersey Open 2001
Maryland Open 2002
Pennsylvania Open 2002
Virginia Open 2003
Ing Redmond Cup 2004
US Pair Go 2004
Virginia Open 2004
Philadelphia Fall Open 2007
Mid Atlantic Open 2007


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