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2016 Triangle Memorial Go Tournament

September 25, 2016, in Raleigh, NC

College Students Dominated the 16th North Carolina Memorial Go Tournament

The 16th North Carolina Memorial Go Tournament was held on September 25, 2016 at the beautiful Umstead State Park in Raleigh, North Carolina. The tournament attracted 40 players. Some of the Go fans drove all the way from Virginia and Charlotte, NC. The competition was fierce and everyone enjoyed the fun of Go games. One of the spot lights was the participation of 10 college students from North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Their performances were outstanding. Brian Wu 2D from NCSU won the top prize in the open section by sweeping all 4 games. Andrew Zalesak 3D from UNC Chapel Hill earned second place along with Yiyu Wang 5D from VA and local strong player Owen Chen 5D. Alex Parrott 4K won 1st place and Justin Blank 4K came in 2nd place at the 1K-6K section. Alvin Chen 7K won 1st place, Kerianne Squitire 7K and Alex Kuang 8K tied for 2nd place at the 7K-9K section. Ralph Abbey 10K came in 1st place and Ben Parrott 12K and Don Nonini 15K tied for 2nd place at the 10K-15K section. Ganning Xu 17K won 1st place with a perfect 4-0 score and Russell Herman 16K was 2nd place at the 16K-17K section. Joshua Mu 20K and Justin Su 21K swept all 4 games and tied for 1st place and Bhaskar Bharath 18K and Daniel Lee 19K shared 2nd place at the 18K and up section.

This page lists the 39 participating entrants along with their AGA Ratings or their tournament entry rank, plus results from all four rounds of play.

Entrants AGA Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Yiyu Wang5d 1394231
Owen Chen5d 1218231
Jeff Kuang4d 1384513
Jingkai Wei4d 2087702
Guojun Zhu4d 1810822
Andrew Zalesak3d 1754031
Frank Salantrie3d 201422
Charles Alden2d 467922
John Moore2d 1382822
Brian Wu2d 1545240
Zhimeng(James) Chen2d 2292722
Xiaoping Wu1d 1347213
Peter St.John1d 108313
Adam Bridges3k 999504
Justin Blank4k 1389120
Alex Parrott4k 2290331
Bob Bacon6k 1128611
Alvin Chen7k 1805731
Thomas Roncoli7k 2260712
Kerianne Squitire7k 1779522
Alex Kuang8k 1876422
Greg McCall10k 987513
Ellen Zeng10k 2062713
Ralph Abbey10k 1795731
Ben Parrott12k 2289722
John Schollenberger15k 823512
Don Nonini15k 1569322
David Spencer16k 2292313
Russell Herman16k 277631
Ganning Xu17k 2062840
Robert Pahel-Short17k 2290013
Shrivar Ramlaken17k 2292504
Bhaskar Bharath18k 2291422
Daniel Lee19k 2292222
Leroy Anderson20k 2292404
Joshua Mu20k 2292640
Daniel Chiquito20k 2292811
Justin Su21k 2137740
John Riselvato30k 2291513

Round One
Guojun ZhuYiyu Wangb07.5
Jingkai WeiOwen Chenb07.5
Andrew ZalesakBrian Wub07.5
Frank SalantrieJeff Kuangb07.5
Charles AldenJohn Mooreb07.5
Peter St.JohnXiaoping Wub07.5
Zhimeng(James) ChenAdam Bridgesw30.5
Justin BlankAlex Parrottw07.5
Alvin ChenRalph Abbeyw20.5
Kerianne SquitireThomas Roncoliw07.5
Greg McCallBen Parrottw10.5
Alex KuangEllen Zengw10.5
John SchollenbergerDavid Spencerb07.5
Shrivar RamlakenRussell Hermanb07.5
Bhaskar BharathGanning Xub07.5
Don NoniniRobert Pahel-Shortw10.5
Justin SuDaniel Leew07.5
Leroy AndersonJohn Riselvatob30.5
Joshua MuDaniel Chiquitow07.5

Round Two
Yiyu WangJingkai Weiw07.5
Owen ChenJeff Kuangw07.5
Zhimeng(James) ChenGuojun Zhub07.5
Xiaoping WuAndrew Zalesakb07.5
Frank SalantrieCharles Aldenw07.5
Brian WuJohn Moorew07.5
Peter St.JohnAdam Bridgesw10.5
Justin BlankKerianne Squitirew20.5
Alex ParrottAlvin Chenw10.5
Thomas RoncoliAlex Kuangw07.5
Ellen ZengGreg McCallw07.5
Ralph AbbeyBen Parrottw10.5
Ganning XuJohn Schollenbergerw07.5
David SpencerDon Noninib07.5
Russell HermanRobert Pahel-Shortw10.5
Shrivar RamlakenBhaskar Bharathb07.5
Daniel LeeJoshua Mub07.5
Daniel ChiquitoLeroy Andersonw07.5
John RiselvatoJustin Sub07.5

Round Three
Yiyu WangOwen Chenw07.5
Jeff KuangGuojun Zhub07.5
Andrew ZalesakZhimeng(James) Chenw07.5
Brian WuFrank Salantriew07.5
Charles AldenXiaoping Wuw07.5
John MoorePeter St.Johnw07.5
Adam BridgesAlex Parrottb07.5
Bob BaconThomas Roncoliw07.5
Alvin ChenEllen Zengw20.5
Alex KuangKerianne Squitireb07.5
Greg McCallRalph Abbeyb07.5
Don NoniniBen Parrottb07.5
John SchollenbergerShrivar Ramlakenw10.5
David SpencerGanning Xub07.5
Russell HermanJoshua Mub30.5
Robert Pahel-ShortBhaskar Bharathw07.5
Daniel LeeJohn Riselvatow07.5
Justin SuLeroy Andersonw10.5

Round Four
Yiyu WangBrian Wub20.5
Owen ChenGuojun Zhuw07.5
Jeff KuangAndrew Zalesakb10.5
Frank SalantrieJohn Moorew07.5
Peter St.JohnCharles Aldenb07.5
Zhimeng(James) ChenXiaoping Wuw10.5
Adam BridgesAlvin Chenb20.5
Alex ParrottBob Baconw10.5
Kerianne SquitireRalph Abbeyb20.5
Greg McCallAlex Kuangb10.5
Ellen ZengBen Parrottb10.5
Russell HermanDavid Spencerw07.5
Ganning XuDon Noniniw07.5
Joshua MuRobert Pahel-Shortw07.5
Justin SuShrivar Ramlakenw07.5
Daniel LeeLeroy Andersonw10.5
Bhaskar BharathJohn Riselvatow10.5