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2013 Triangle Memorial Go Tournament

September 21, 2013, in Raleigh, NC

This page lists the 29 entrants along with their AGA Ratings as of 9/21/13, or their tournament entry rank, plus results from all four rounds of play.

Entrants AGA Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Liqun Liu7D 2060340
Changlong Wu7D 1244731
Jeff Kuang5D 1384513
Shawn Ray4D 1564122
Frank Salantrie3D 201413
Craig Garrett2D 1237713
Seth Cardew1D1932940
Brian Wu1D 1545231
Brian Aronson1D 1779222
Peter St. John1D 108322
Xiaoping Wu1D 1347213
Paul Celmer1D 491001
Greg Tolley2k 2054913
Adam Bridges2k 999513
Anthony Long6k1780222
Kerianne Squitire7k 1779531
John Zhu9k 1718722
Vincent DiMattia9k 1301913
Will Daland9k 641613
Andrew Zhang10k 1876931
Tom Carlson10k 1128804
Alvin Chen11k 1805731
Dale Blann14k 1034821
Ellen Zeng15k 2062722
Russell Herman16k 277622
Justin Zhang17k 2062540
Alex Kuang18k 1876422
Ganning Xu19k 2062804
Colin Zhang20k 2081131

Round One
Changlong WuJeff KuangW00
Liqun LiuShawn RayW00
Frank SalantrieCraig GarrettB00
Peter St.JohnBrian AronsonB07
Xiaoping WuSeth CardewB07
Brian WuPaul CelmerW07
Greg TolleyAdam BridgesB07
Long AnthonyKerianne SquitireB00
Vincent DiMattiaWill DalandW07
John ZhuAndrew ZhangB00
Alvin ChenTom CarlsonW07
Ellen ZengJustin ZhangB00
Russell HermanAlex KuangW00
Ganning XuColin ZhangB30

Round Two
Changlong WuCraig GarrettW30
Liqun LiuFrank SalantrieW20
Jeff KuangShawn RayB07
Xiaoping WuBrian AronsonB07
Seth CardewBrian WuW07
Peter St.JohnAdam BridgesW20
Greg TolleyLong AnthonyB20
Kerianne SquitireVincent DiMattiaW00
Andrew ZhangAlvin ChenW00
Will DalandJohn ZhuW07
Tom CarlsonDale BlannB30
Justin ZhangRussell HermanW07
Alex KuangColin ZhangW07
Ellen ZengGanning XuW30

Round Three
Changlong WuFrank SalantrieW20
Liqun LiuJeff KuangW00
Shawn RayCraig GarrettW20
Brian AronsonSeth CardewB07
Peter St.JohnBrian WuB07
Xiaoping WuGreg TolleyB20
Kerianne SquitireAndrew ZhangW20
Adam BridgesLong AnthonyB30
John ZhuVincent DiMattiaW07
Will DalandAlvin ChenB00
Dale BlannJustin ZhangB20
Tom CarlsonRussell HermanB40
Alex KuangGanning XuW40
Ellen ZengColin ZhangB30

Round Four
Changlong WuLiqun LiuB07
Jeff KuangCraig GarrettW20
Shawn RayFrank SalantrieB00
Seth CardewGreg TolleyW00
Brian WuBrian AronsonW07
Xiaoping WuAdam BridgesW20
Peter St.JohnLong AnthonyW30
Will DalandAndrew ZhangB00
Kerianne SquitireJohn ZhuB20
Vincent DiMattiaAlvin ChenB00
Justin ZhangAlex KuangW00
Dale BlannGanning XuW40
Tom CarlsonEllen ZengB30
Russell HermanColin ZhangB30