The Triangle Go Group Staying Connected for Over 40 Years


Eighth Annual Triangle Memorial Tournament

signing in
Signing in, and collecting free tsumego books
courtesy of Slate & Shell.
As always, food was plentiful and delicious.
Vince DiMattio considers his options.
Some stronger players
Some of the stronger players.
Making lunch.
Top boards
Frank Salantrie observes the game between Wu Changlong and Zheng Zhang.
Paul and Dima
Dima Arinkin and Paul Celmer finishing a close game.
Wu Changlong
Wu Changlong concentrating.
Group A
Group A and the Open Group were the strongest players at the tournament, with players rated from 5 Kyu to 7 Dan.
Group B
Group B included players from 10 Kyu to 6 Kyu.
Charlie and Arlene
Charlie and Arlene, working and resting.
Group B
Group C was made up of players rated from 23 Kyu to 12 Kyu.
Watching the top board
Jason, Rodney, Frank and Tom watching the game played on the top board.
Cash prizes were funded from registration fees, with some assistance from the 2006 Go Congress. Slate & Shell provided a large quantify of books as prizes, and tsumego books for all players.
Group A winner
Dima Arinkin won Group A with a perfect 4-0 record.
Open winner
The Open Group was won by Wu ChangLong, with a perfect 4-0 record.