The Triangle Go Group Staying Connected for Over 50 Years

North Carolina Summer Tournament, July 11, 2021.

Justin Su 4-0

A summer tournament was held at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, NC on July 11, 2021. Twenty four Go players participated. This was the Triangle Go Group’s first paired tournament in nearly 2 years. In keeping with tradition, all entry fees were returned to the players as prize money.

In the very competitive Open Section, there was a 3 way tie for first place honors: Jeff Kuang, Nianci Gan and Sheng (Thomas) Huo each racked up 3 wins and 1 loss. Second place was earned by Xiaoping Wu. Strengths in the top band ranged from 1 Dan to 4 Dan.

We enjoyed typical North Carolina summer weather that varied from comfortably warm to occasional late day showers, perfect for playing Go. Tournament Director Jeff Kuang ran the show smoothly and pairings appeared quickly. Charles Alden provided invaluable offsite support. A pizza lunch was again provided by the Triangle Go Group, along with donuts and iced water.

First place in Section B was captured by Leroy Anderson III with an impressive 3-1 record, losing only to a strong player from the Open Section. Justin Blank placed second with 2 wins and 2 losses. Section C was won by Tom Roncoli, finishing the day with a 3 and 1 tally, and second place was shared by 4 players each winning 2 games: Stephen Gilbert, Andrew Thieman, Harrison Pedigo and Bob Bacon.

The only perfect record of the day was attained by Justin Su in Section D, handily winning all 4 of his games. Second place in Section D was awarded to Russel Herman with a 3-1 performance.

Additional photos will be posted soon.


The following tables reflect the 4 rounds of play. The first table is a record of entries with Win/Loss records. The next 4 tables display the results from each round. This data is based on the TD file submitted to the AGA, cross checked with the wall boards from the tournament. Komi is shown as a whole number. A Komi of 7 represents a komi of 7.5, and a komi of 0 means an actual komi of 0.5. In the Rounds tables, the winner of each pairing is in bold type, in addition to either B (black) or W (white) appearing in the Winner column. In pairings with a handicap of 1 stone, the komi and handicap columns each contain a zero, in keeping with the AGA guidelines for the TD file.

Entrants AGA Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Jeff Kuang4D 1384531
Nianci Gan3D 1440331
Yuan Chen3D 2459913
Sheng(Thomas) Huo2D 2407631
Xiaoping Wu1D 1347222
Leroy Anderson III1K2292431
Paul Celmer1D 491013
David Fruchtenicht2K 260913
Justin Blank3K 1389122
Adam Bridges3K 999522
Stephen Gilbert4K 2522122
Harrison Pedigo4K 2382922
Eric Tillberg4K 2102201
Bob Bacon6K 1128621
Tom Roncoli7K 2260731
Andrew Thieman7K 2374922
Matthew Gregoire7K 2550013
William Daland8K 641613
Bryan Pyrtle9K 2531103
Tom Carlson10K 1128511
Russell Herman12K 277631
Justin Su13K 2137740
Don Nonini13K 1569313
Mathew Guo30K 2553601

Round One
Yuan ChenJeff KuangB07
Nianci GanSheng(Thomas) HuoW07
Paul CelmerXiaoping WuB07
Leroy Anderson IIIDavid FruchtenichtW07
Justin BlankAdam BridgesW07
Harrison PedigoBob BaconW10
Eric TillbergStephen GilbertB07
Tom RoncoliWilliam DalandW07
Andrew ThiemanMatthew GregoireW07
Don NoniniRussell HermanB07
Justin SuMathew GuoW60

Round Two
Jeff KuangNianci GanW07
Xiaoping WuYuan ChenB07
Sheng(Thomas) HuoLeroy Anderson IIIW07
Paul CelmerJustin BlankW10
David FruchtenichtHarrison PedigoW07
Stephen GilbertAdam BridgesW07
Andrew ThiemanTom RoncoliW07
William DalandMatthew GregoireB07
Bryan PyrtleRussell HermanB10
Justin SuDon NoniniW07

Round Three
Sheng(Thomas) HuoJeff KuangW07
Nianci GanYuan ChenW07
Leroy Anderson IIIPaul CelmerW07
David FruchtenichtXiaoping WuB07
Stephen GilbertJustin BlankB07
Adam BridgesHarrison PedigoW07
Bob BaconAndrew ThiemanW07
Matthew GregoireTom RoncoliB07
William DalandBryan PyrtleW07
Tom CarlsonDon NoniniW30
Russell HermanJustin SuB07

Round Four
Xiaoping WuJeff KuangB07
Paul CelmerNianci GanB07
Yuan ChenSheng(Thomas) HuoB07
Justin BlankLeroy Anderson IIIB07
Adam BridgesDavid FruchtenichtW07
Stephen GilbertTom RoncoliB20
Harrison PedigoAndrew ThiemanW10
Matthew GregoireBob BaconB07
William DalandJustin SuB20
Tom CarlsonRussell HermanB00
Bryan PyrtleDon NoniniB30