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Online Tournament

November 1st to December 5th, 2020

Join us for an online Go Tournament in the month of November. We'll be playing 5 paired rounds beginning November 1st and wrapping up by December 5th. This is a free event, and prizes will not be awarded, although results will be posted on this website. All games will be played online on a mutually agreed upon service such as KGS. These are not AGA rated games. Pairings will be posted on November 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29. We'll used OpenGotha to make pairings, this time. View pairings and results at

Handicaps will be determined by tournament software OpenGotha. Handicaps will be suggested at pairing but may be negotiated between players. If handicaps are set differently than the OpenGotha suggestion, players should detail the change when they report their game results. Some time limits should be in place, but they can be determined by mutual agreement of the players. Traditional time limits are 45 minutes main time with 5 30 second periods of byo yomi.

There are no entry fees for this event. Game results should be emailed to Bob by both game participants, and results will be posted online at

You can see who is registered at this link. Registration closed on October 30th and participants' email addresses were emailed to all registrants on October 31st, enabling players to contact their opponents via email to schedule their game.


Registration closed after October 30th, 2020.