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Who will be there?

This is a list of folks who have registered for the November 1 to December 5, 2020 Online Tournament.

17 Registrants as of October 28th, 2020 11:25 am
Name AGA ID Entry Rating
Suyoung Yoon 23325 3d
Chen Yuan 24599 3d
paul celmer 4910 1d
Bob Bacon 11286 6k
Deacon John Aiken 16709 8k
Ganning Xu 20628 11k
Justin Su 21377 13k
Lee Edwards 843 15k
Sky Wang 16k
Bryan Pyrtle 25311 16k
Ajay Dheeraj 23529 18k
Hayes brenner 20k
Andrew 20k
Ethan Song 30k
Kaden 30k
Alex Liu 30k
Yilong Liu 30k