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Who will be there?

This is a list of folks who have registered for the July 5, 2020 Tournament with Cleveland.

15 Registrants as of September 27th, 2020 8:03 am
Name AGA ID Entry Rating
Jingkai Wei 20877 3d
Chen Yuan 24599 3d
Andrew Zalesak - Stand By 17540 3d
Thomas Huo - Stand By 2d
Paul celmer 4910 1d
Xiaoping Wu 13472 1d
Tao Ma 23534 2k
Joseph Reed 16696 3k
Staysee Yod Teague 5k
Bob Bacon - Stand By 11286 6k
Deacon John Aiken 16709 8k
Ganning Xu 20628 11k
Michael Basmajian 12k
Justin Su 21377 13k
Christina Wang - Stand By #24579 17k

Players who will represent Cleveland, as of June 24
Name AGA ID Entry Rating
Soren Jaffe 5D
Michael Stevenson 2D
Jerry Jaffe 1D
Mark Ronan 2K
Alex Lillie 2K
John Cuturic 4K
Joe Kaplan 5K
Manny Jauregui 8K
Eli Steiger 9K
Steve Zilber 13K
Tien Baldwin 18K