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The 2017 North Carolina Spring Go tournament was held on a beautiful sunny Spring Sunday, May 21, 2017. A total of 29 players engaged in friendly competition and camaraderie. As in the 2016 event, Eric Zhang 5d won enough games to become the champion in the top section (3D-5D), losing only his final game against Brian Wu. Tournament results are as follows: Top section: Eric Zhang 5d (3-1), first place, second place shared by Owen Chen, Guojun Zhu, Feng Ye and Frank Salantrie, all at 2-2. The second section (1D-2D) was won by Wiaoping Wu with a perfect 4-0 record, and second place was kept in the family with Brian Wu winning 3 games and losing 1. The third section (8K-1K) was won by S. Yod Teague, with the only other perfect 4-0 record of the day. Second place was shared by Paul Celmer, Kerianne Squitire and Alvin Chen with 2-2 results. The fourth section (12K-8K) had a 3 way tie for first, with Jeremy Washburn, Benjamin Parrott and Thomas Roncoli each winning 2 games. The fifth section (30K-13K) was won by John Schollenberger (3-1) with a tie for second place between Daniel Lee, Justin Su and Don Nonini at 2 wins each. Over $600.00 in prize money was distributed, provided by entry fees and a donation from the AGA.

Pizza, veggies and etc were provided by a donation from the AGA.

In the Rounds results grids below, 0.5 komi is displayed as 0 komi, and 7.5 komi is displayed as 7 komi. 1 stone handicap games are displayed as 0 handicap and 0 komi.

Photos from the tournament are available for viewing at the photos webpage.

Entrants AGA Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Zheng(Eric) Zhang5D 1326531
Owen Chen5D 1218222
Jeff Kuang4D 1384513
Guojun Zhu4D 1810822
Feng Ye3D 1128222
Frank Salantrie3D 201422
Brian Wu2D 1545231
Suyoung Yoon2D 2332522
James Chen2D 1024713
Xiaoping Wu1D 1347240
Charles Alden1D 467922
Paul Celmer1K 491022
Peter St.John1K 108313
Glenn Williamson2K 1128513
Bob Bacon6K 1128611
S.Yod Teague7K 2223740
Alvin Chen7K 1805722
Kerianne Squitire7K 1779522
Jeremy Marshburn8K 1439622
Thomas Roncoli8K 2260721
Benjamin Parrott10K 2289722
Dale Blann10K 1034812
L.Russell HermanJr10K 277613
Rudy Zalesak12K 1757104
Donald Nonini13K 1569322
John Schollenberger16K 823531
Justin Su20K 2137720
Daniel Lee21K 2292222
Annie Yuan30K 2190813

Round One
Feng YeOwen ChenB07
Jeff KuangZheng(Eric) ZhangB07
Frank SalantrieGuojun ZhuW07
James ChenBrian WuW07
Charles AldenSuyoung YoonW07
Paul CelmerXiaoping WuB07
Peter St.JohnGlenn WilliamsonW00
Bob BaconKerianne SquitireW07
S.Yod TeagueAlvin ChenW07
Jeremy MarshburnL.Russell HermanJrW00
Dale BlannBenjamin ParrottB07
Donald NoniniRudy ZalesakW07
John SchollenbergerJustin SuB30
Annie YuanDaniel LeeB07

Round Two
Owen ChenFrank SalantrieW07
Zheng(Eric) ZhangFeng YeW07
Guojun ZhuJeff KuangB07
Brian WuCharles AldenW07
Xiaoping WuJames ChenW07
Suyoung YoonPeter St.JohnW07
Paul CelmerGlenn WilliamsonW00
Kerianne SquitireS.Yod TeagueB07
Alvin ChenJeremy MarshburnW07
Benjamin ParrottThomas RoncoliB07
L.Russell HermanJrDale BlannB07
Donald NoniniJohn SchollenbergerB30
Rudy ZalesakAnnie YuanB70
Daniel LeeJustin SuB07

Round Three
Zheng(Eric) ZhangOwen ChenW07
Jeff KuangBrian WuB20
Feng YeFrank SalantrieW07
Guojun ZhuJames ChenW00
Suyoung YoonXiaoping WuB07
Charles AldenGlenn WilliamsonW00
Peter St.JohnPaul CelmerB07
S.Yod TeagueBob BaconW07
Alvin ChenThomas RoncoliW07
Kerianne SquitireDale BlannW00
Jeremy MarshburnBenjamin ParrottW00
L.Russell HermanJrRudy ZalesakW00
Donald NoniniAnnie YuanW60
John SchollenbergerDaniel LeeW40

Round Four
Owen ChenGuojun ZhuB07
Jeff KuangFeng YeB07
Zheng(Eric) ZhangBrian WuB20
Frank SalantrieJames ChenW07
Xiaoping WuCharles AldenW07
Paul CelmerSuyoung YoonB07
Peter St.JohnS.Yod TeagueB30
Glenn WilliamsonAlvin ChenW20
Jeremy MarshburnKerianne SquitireB07
Thomas RoncoliL.Russell HermanJrW00
Benjamin ParrottDonald NoniniW00
Rudy ZalesakDaniel LeeB60
John SchollenbergerAnnie YuanW40