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Online Tournament Pairings and Results,
November 1st through December 5th, 2020.


Updated December 7, 2020, 1:30 PM

We had a good turnout and excellent participation in our November 1st through December 5th, 2020 Triangle Go Group Online Tournament. 25 players ranging from 30 Kyu to 3 Dan engaged in friendly competition, with a number of new faces making an appearance. Pairings and handicaps were handled by OpenGotha, with some minor tweaking. Games were played on KGS and participants were allowed to modify handicaps if both players agreed. 5 rounds were scheduled over 5 weeks, allowing a week to schedule and play each round. Everyone who participated was a winner, but for purposes of recognition and award the following players are recognized:


In the top section, based on win-loss records, there was a 3 way tie between Suyoung Yoon, Andrew Zalesak and Brian Wu, each with a 4-1 result. Andrew and Suyoung had the same MMS score of 36, and Brian's was 35. Brian's SOS score was 170, and Andrew and Suyoung's SOS score was 169. Combining MMS, SOS and SOSOS scores results in 1050 for Andrew and Suyoung and 1032 for Brian.

Here's a link to a good explanation of MMS, SOS and SOSOS scores:

Second place in the top section was shared by Xiaoping Wu and Leroy Anderson III, who each posted a 3-2 record. Xiaoping's MMS was 33, and Leroy's was 32.

Christina Wang clearly won section B with a 4-1 outcome. Wesley took second with a 3-2 performance.

Section C featured another tie between Jeff Sun and Hayes Brenner. Each of them posted the only perfect scores of the tournament, ending up at 5-0. Jeff's MMS was 20, and Hayes's MMS was 15, so they should place first and second based on MMS scores.

Section D was decisively won by Jiayu Cao with a 4-1 performance. Second place was shared by Alex Liu, Yilong Liu and Kaden, with records of 2-3 and 2-2.

It was great to see everyone, virtually, and quite encouraging to see a number of new players for this event. I hope everyone continues to play and enjoy this beautiful game. Please check our website for future events.

A list of participants, their records, and the results of each round appear below.

Entrants Entry Rating AGA ID KGS Name Other server & name Won Lost
 Suyoung Yoon3d 23325  sillygoose  41
 Chen Yuan 3d 24599  cocoland  14
 Andrew Zalesak 3d 17540  usagi5   41
 Sheng (Thomas) Huo2d  Huo9Sheng  23
 Brian Wu 2d 15452  Luxybean  41
 Paul Celmer 1d 4910  Slothrop  13
 Charles Alden 1d 4679  cjalden  14
 Xiaoping Wu 1d 13472  peterson  32
 Leroy Anderson, III 1k  lehwah  32
 Bob Bacon 6k 11286  babakhan  01
 Deacon John Aiken 8k 16709  DeaconJohn  03
 Wesley 10k  drwwong66   32
 Ganning Xu 11k 20628  ganning  14
 Christina Wang11k  Christinaw  41
 Justin Su13k 21377  jsu21ges  23
 Lee Edwards 15k 843  Cyberpunk  14
 Jeff Sun 15k  Jeff503  50
 Sky Wang16k  Skolol  23
 Bryan Pyrtle16k 25311  ItsYaBoiBP  22
 Hayes Brenner20k  rocknroll  50
 Ethan Song30k  EthanS  05
 Kaden30k  kadens  22
 Alex Liu 30k  Alex5278  23
 Yilong Liu30k  Yilong  23
 Jiayu Cao 30k  JiayuC  41

Round One
 Chen Yuan Sheng (Thomas) Huo Sheng (Thomas) Huo10.5
 Andrew Zalesak Suyoung Yoon Suyoung Yoon07.5
 Brian Wu Charles Alden Brian Wu10.5
 Xiaoping Wu Paul Celmer Xiaoping Wu07.5
 Leroy Anderson, III Deacon John Aiken Leroy Anderson, III50.5
 Wesley Christina Wang Wesley06.5
 Ganning Xu Justin Su Justin Su20.5
 Lee Edwards Jeff Sun Jeff Sun07.5
 Bryan Pyrtle Sky Wang Bryan Pyrtle07.5
 Hayes Brenner Ethan Song Hayes Brenner50.5
 Kaden Alex Liu Kaden07.5
 Jiayu Cao Yilong Liu Jiayu Cao06.5

Round Two
 Suyoung Yoon Chen Yuan Suyoung Yoon07.5
 Andrew Zalesak Brian Wu Andrew Zalesak07.5
 Sheng (Thomas) Huo Xiaoping Wu Xiaoping Wu10.5
 Charles Alden Deacon John Aiken Charles Alden70.5
 Paul Celmer Leroy Anderson, III Leroy Anderson, III07.5
 Wesley Ganning Xu Wesley10.5
 Christina Wang Justin Su Christina Wang10.5
 Jeff Sun Bryan Pyrtle Jeff Sun20.5
 Lee Edwards Sky Wang Sky Wang10.5
 Jiayu Cao Kaden Jiayu Cao10.5
 Alex Liu Hayes Brenner Hayes Brenner06.5
 Yilong Liu Ethan Song Yilong Liu10.5

Round Three
 Brian Wu Suyoung Yoon Brian Wu07.5
 Sheng (Thomas) Huo Andrew Zalesak Andrew Zalesak07.5
 Chen Yuan Xiaoping Wu Chen Yuan07.5
 Leroy Anderson, III Charles Alden Leroy Anderson, III07.5
 Paul Celmer Wesley Paul Celmer10.5
 Deacon John Aiken Christina Wang Christina Wang06.5
 Jeff Sun Ganning Xu Jeff Sun40.5
 Justin Su Sky Wang Sky Wang30.5
 Bryan Pyrtle Lee Edwards Lee Edwards07.5
 Jiayu Cao Hayes Brenner Hayes Brenner06.5
 Yilong Liu Kaden Yilong Liu10.5
 Alex Liu Ethan Song Alex Liu07.5

Round Four
 Suyoung Yoon Leroy Anderson, III Suyoung Yoon07.5
 Chen Yuan Andrew Zalesak Andrew Zalesak06.5
 Xiaoping Wu Brian Wu Brian Wu07.5
 Sheng (Thomas) Huo Paul Celmer Sheng (Thomas) Huo10.5
 Charles Alden Wesley Wesley10.5
 Bob Bacon Christina Wang Christina Wang60.5
 Ganning Xu Lee Edwards Ganning Xu30.5
 Jeff Sun Sky Wang Jeff Sun40.5
 Justin Su Bryan Pyrtle Bryan Pyrtle30.5
 Hayes Brenner Yilong Liu Hayes Brenner20.5
 Jiayu Cao Alex Liu Jiayu Cao10.5
 Kaden Ethan Song Kaden10.5

Round Five
 Suyoung Yoon Sheng (Thomas) Huo Suyoung Yoon07.5
 Andrew Zalesak Leroy Anderson, III Andrew Zalesak07.5
 Brian Wu Chen Yuan Brian Wu07.5
 Xiaoping Wu Charles Alden Xiaoping Wu07.5
 Paul Celmer Deacon John Aiken 70.5
 Wesley Jeff Sun Jeff Sun30.5
 Christina Wang Ganning Xu Christina Wang20.5
 Justin Su Lee Edwards Justin Su20.5
 Bryan Pyrtle Kaden 50.5
 Hayes Brenner Sky Wang Hayes Brenner10.5
 Jiayu Cao Ethan Song Jiayu Cao10.5
 Yilong Liu Alex Liu Alex Liu10.5