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Burning Board logoBurning Board Go Festival is a great chance to reconnect with your fellow go players, benefit from multiple workshops with great teachers and immerse yourself in Go for 4 (or more) days in a beautiful setting at an inexpensive cost.

Burning Board Go Festival and camp will be June 13 through June 19, 2022, with the main tournament and workshops beginning June 16. The festival will take place at Camp Lapihio in Umstead State park in Raleigh, North Carolina. There will be six long tournament games, and there will be lectures later in the day. Self-paired games may be played anytime. All tournament games will be AGA-rated, and the self-paired games may be rated if both players consent. There will also be a Saturday night bonfire and party for those camping in the park. The goal is to have tournament games and workshops in a festive, outdoor setting.

Workshops and game reviews will feature Ying Shen 2P and teacher/author Yuan Zhou on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well as Sunday morning. Participation in these workshops alone is worth much more than the price of admission.

Picnic lunch will be provided on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Registrants are responsible for all other meals. There are numerous outdoor grills available for use, as well as the mess hall kitchen. There are also a number of restaurants and grocery stores within a few miles of the park.

Any participant under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. This is not a place where you can drop off your children.

Participants are encouraged to camp onsite. We have reserved 28 primitive cabins. These cabins can sleep from three to four people, but do not have electricity, air conditioning, or any linens. Only 4 cabins are available for single occupancy or 2 day stays. There is also one large cabin which will accommodate up to 10 campers in one room, hostel or dormitory style. Cabin campers should bring bedding or sleeping bags and flashlights. Camp Lapihio will be available to us at 3 PM on Monday, June 13, and early arrivals are welcome although scheduled activities won't begin until Thursday, June 16. Cabins do not have locks, so please either don't bring valuables, lock valuables in your car or carry them with you at all times. View photos of cabins and the campsite here.

The number of participants (players and non-players) is limited to 120, and registration will be closed after reaching that number so register early. See who is already signed up.

We have a Facebook Event page at to facilitate carpool and cabin partnering ideas. We will also use this Facebook page to make announcements before and during the event.


Park Details:

Mess HallThe location of this event is Camp Lapihio in Umstead State Park, at the Crabtree entrance to the park. To get to the Crabtree entrance coming from Durham, take I-40 to exit 283 (I-540) and follow I-540 east 4 miles to exit 4A (US 70). Drive south on US 70 for 1.5 miles, and the Crabtree entrance will be on your right. To get to the Crabtree entrance coming from Raleigh, take US 70 north from I-440 exit 7. Drive north 6 miles, and turn left into the Crabtree entrance. After you enter the park, follow the signs to arrive at Camp Lapihio, about 2.5 miles into the park. Please check in upon arrival. Do not use the Reedy Creek Umstead entrance on I-40. There is no direct connection to Camp Lapihio from the Reedy Creek entrance off of I-40. The park is 10 minutes from RDU International Airport and 20 minutes from an Amtrak station in Cary, North Carolina. Camp Lapihio is a large group campsite in the center of Umstead state park. The main playing area and mess hall is a very large room with numerous windows. There is no air-conditioning, but all windows will be open and fans will be operating to circulate outdoor air. Average temperatures in June in Raleigh are a high of 86F and a low of 66F at night. No pets are allowed at Camp Lapihio, and alcohol is not permitted in the park. View a map highlighting the path to Camp Lapihio (opens in a new window).

Other activities:

  1. Hiking
  2. Mountain/gravel biking at least 20 miles of trails (including a bike trail through the park to the fabulous North Carolina Art Museum and network of Raleigh city greenway trails).
  3. Canoeing
  4. Swimming in the lake. Warning: there are no lifeguards. Attendees are responsible for their own water safety.
  5. 20 minutes from three walkable downtowns (Durham, Raleigh, and Cary).
  6. 5,600 acres of forest, including lakes and streams

NOTE: The campground gates are closed at 9PM. That means you cannot enter or leave after 9PM except in the case of a medical emergency.

Requirements to participate:


Cabin InteriorThere is a separate building for showers and multiple bathrooms throughout the site. Camp Lapihio can accommodate 120 people total. Tents are not allowed at the camp Lapihio site, but there is a tent camping area in Umstead State Park about 2.5 miles from the playing area. For cabins at camp Lapihio, use the Burning Board registration website at when you register for the event. To reserve tent sites in Umstead, use the Umstead State park website.

Lunch provided June 16-18. Large Kitchen mess area at camp Lapihio available for use in morning and evening, but keep it clean! There are also numerous outdoor grills throughout the campsite. Campers should bring in their own food for breakfast and dinner as there might not be enough time to leave the site for breakfast and dinner.

No additional charge for cabin campers arriving early. Site will be available beginning after 3 PM on Monday, 6/13. Self-paired rating games may be played at any time.

There are numerous hotels close to the camp, such as:


Tournament and Workshops Fee: 140 dollars for all four days.
Youth registration for those 21 and younger, 4 days: 80 dollars.
Nonplayer registration for 4 days: 40 dollars.
Registration Fee for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday): 70 dollars.
Youth registration Fee for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday): 40 dollars.
Nonplayer registration for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday): 20 dollars.
Share a cabin with up to 3 others for $15 per day, $60 for the week (Monday through Saturday nights)
Share a cabin with up to 3 others for $15 per day, $40 for two nights (Friday and Saturday nights)
Private cabin with only 1 occupant for $60 per day, $240 for the week (Monday through Saturday nights)
Private cabin with only 1 occupant for $60 per day, $120 for two nights (Friday and Saturday nights)
New Option! Share a large cabin with 10 occupants in 1 room for $10 per day, $40 for the week (Monday through Saturday nights)
New Option! Share a large cabin with 10 occupants in 1 room for $10 per day, $20 for two nights (Friday and Saturday nights)

Tournament Details:

The tournament will consist of 6 rounds of play, with 2 games Thursday, 2 games Friday and 2 games on Saturday. Time settings will be 1 hour main time, with 5 byo-yomi periods of 30 seconds each.

Current AGA members enter at their actual AGA ratings. Unrated entrants will be assigned a temporary rating after review by a strong player. Unrated players will be paired at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director.

Handicaps will be determined by the pairing software, but should generally follow the formula used in the self-paired tournament at the US Go Congress based on difference of rating, e.g. 7.5 points komi for ratings difference of 0.6 or less, 0.5 points komi for difference of 0.6 to 1.5, 2 stones handicap for difference of 1.6 to 2.5, 3 stones for difference of 2.6 to 3.5, etc. The open section will be different, with most games played without handicap. Ties will be resolved by SOS scores.

Please complete the registration form and either pay online or get a check to us before June 6th.


Contact the webmaster, or the chapter representative.

Last update May 13, 2022