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Burning Board Go Festival June 13-19, 2022

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The Burning Board Go Festival was held June 13 through June 19 at Umstead State Park in Raleigh, North Carolina. The event featured a 6 round tournament from June 16 to 18, as well as numerous instructive workshops, simultaneous games and lectures by Ying Shen 2P and Yuan Zhou. The 50 attendees had the option to stay onsite in primitive cabins or commute, and about half braved the elements. While participants faced two days with unusually high temperatures for June, the heat was mitigated by the majestic canopy of sheltering trees and the cooling waters of an adjacent lake open for swimming. Attendees came not only from the surrounding cities but also from as far away as the Canary Islands, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York and several from the Baduk House teaching residency program in Ohio. The festival finished with a splendid outdoor picnic and the burning of a ceremonial go board created for the occasion by Tom Bitonti. The Triangle Go Group hopes to make the festival an annual event.

The tournament was smoothly and professionally directed by Devin Fraze, and all rounds began very close to the designated times. We had 39 players, almost all of them playing all 6 rounds. The winner of the Open Section was Chen Yuan, who was on fire, winning all 6 of his games for the only perfect record of the tournament. Second place went to Derek Zhou, burning brightly as well. Third place in this highly competitive section was awarded to Micah Feldman.

Section A was captured by fiery Daniel Lambert, followed by Boris Bernadsky in second and Xiaoping Wu in third.

Chen Yuan

Section B witnessed another blazing performance by Javier Gonzalez winning 5 of his games and rising like smoke to the top of this pack. Peter Armenia secured second place, with Bart Jacob winning third.

Section C was somehow won by Bob Bacon although an investigation into this outcome will likely begin soon. Second place was seized by red-hot Ursa Woodring, and Matthew Gregoire battled his way to third.

Russell Herman’s games were smoking hot in Section D and he won first place, followed closely by smoldering Mei Cai in second and Paul Mendola in third.

We also recognized David Shao, the youngest player attending, with a trophy, as well as the participant winning the most self-paired rated games, Micah Feldman.

Lunch was provided by the hosts Triangle Go Group during the tournament, as well as trophies and $800 in prize money.

Thank you to all the wonderful enthusiastic Go players and non-players who made this event a success! Photos will be published on our Facebook page and on the website in the near future.

The following grid displays the win/loss record of all players and details from each round, based on the TD ratings file. Please note that komi is printed as 7 and 0, although the AGA sanctioned komi used in the tournament was 7.5 and 0.5.

Entrants AGA Rating AGA ID Wins Losses
Derek Zhou4D 2347733
Micah Feldman3D 145432
Sheng Huo3D 2407633
Andrew Zalesak3D 1754011
Frank Salantrie3D 201424
Nianci Gan3D 1440323
Chen Yuan2D 2459960
Daniel Lambert1D 2264942
Joshua Guarino1D 1219701
Boris Bernadsky1D 1373442
Xiaoping Wu1D 1347233
Thomas Bitonti1D 354015
Paul Celmer1K 491024
Devin Fraze1K 2013320
Christopher Morse1K 2031015
David Fruchtenicht2K 260915
Peter Armenia3K 848942
Bart Jacob3K 397942
Javier Gonzalez3K 2597051
Adam Bridges3K 999522
Jim Conyngham4K 662333
Phillip Brix5K 1638242
Bob Bacon6K 1128642
Ursa Woodring6K 2596933
Thomas Meli6K 2241824
Matthew Gregoire7K 2550033
Tom Roncoli7K 2260710
Daniel Chiquito8K 2292833
Paul Mendola9K 2587133
Grayson York9K 2597202
Neal Siekierski10K 2593933
Cecilia Carter10K 2581724
David Shao11K 2598033
Russell Herman12K 277642
Justin Su12K 2137720
Mei Cai14K 2533542
Tianyi Lin15K 2597124
Autus Li20K 2597713
Hazel Caldwell30K 2597604

Round One
Derek ZhouSheng HuoW07
Frank SalantrieMicah FeldmanW07
Nianci GanChen YuanB07
Xiaoping WuBoris BernadskyB07
Daniel LambertThomas BitontiW07
Christopher MorsePaul CelmerB07
Autus LiHazel CaldwellW60
Bart JacobPeter ArmeniaW07
Jim ConynghamJavier GonzalezB07
Phillip BrixUrsa WoodringW07
Thomas MeliBob BaconB07
Matthew GregoireDaniel ChiquitoW07
Paul MendolaCecilia CarterW07
Neal SiekierskiDavid ShaoW07
Russell HermanMei CaiB00
David FruchtenichtTianyi LinW90

Round Two
Frank SalantrieDerek ZhouW07
Chen YuanSheng HuoW07
Boris BernadskyDaniel LambertB07
Thomas BitontiPaul CelmerW07
Devin FrazeChristopher MorseW07
David FruchtenichtXiaoping WuB07
Javier GonzalezBart JacobW07
Peter ArmeniaPhillip BrixW07
Ursa WoodringJim ConynghamB07
Bob BaconMatthew GregoireW07
Thomas MeliPaul MendolaW00
Daniel ChiquitoNeal SiekierskiW07
David ShaoRussell HermanB07
Cecilia CarterMei CaiW07
Tianyi LinAutus LiW30

Round Three
Derek ZhouMicah FeldmanB07
Chen YuanFrank SalantrieW07
Sheng HuoDaniel LambertB00
Thomas BitontiXiaoping WuB07
Nianci GanBoris BernadskyW00
Christopher MorseDavid FruchtenichtW07
Paul CelmerJavier GonzalezB07
Adam BridgesPeter ArmeniaB07
Jim ConynghamBart JacobW07
Phillip BrixBob BaconW07
Matthew GregoireThomas MeliW07
Ursa WoodringDaniel ChiquitoW00
Neal SiekierskiPaul MendolaW07
Cecilia CarterRussell HermanB00
David ShaoMei CaiW00
Tianyi LinHazel CaldwellW90

Round Four
Chen YuanDerek ZhouW07
Nianci GanFrank SalantrieW07
Micah FeldmanDaniel LambertW07
Sheng HuoXiaoping WuW07
Devin FrazeThomas BitontiW07
Paul CelmerBoris BernadskyB07
Javier GonzalezChristopher MorseW07
Peter ArmeniaDavid FruchtenichtW07
Bart JacobAdam BridgesW07
Jim ConynghamBob BaconB00
Phillip BrixThomas MeliW00
Ursa WoodringMatthew GregoireW07
Daniel ChiquitoPaul MendolaW07
Neal SiekierskiRussell HermanB00
Cecilia CarterTianyi LinW30
David ShaoAutus LiW80
Mei CaiHazel CaldwellW90

Round Five
Micah FeldmanChen YuanB07
Derek ZhouNianci GanW07
Andrew ZalesakFrank SalantrieW07
Xiaoping WuDaniel LambertB07
Sheng HuoThomas BitontiW00
Boris BernadskyJavier GonzalezW07
Paul CelmerPeter ArmeniaW07
Christopher MorseBart JacobB07
David FruchtenichtAdam BridgesB07
Phillip BrixJim ConynghamW07
Bob BaconUrsa WoodringW07
Thomas MeliDaniel ChiquitoW07
Matthew GregoirePaul MendolaB20
Grayson YorkRussell HermanB00
Cecilia CarterDavid ShaoB07
Neal SiekierskiTianyi LinW40
Mei CaiAutus LiW60
Justin SuHazel CaldwellW90

Round Six
Andrew ZalesakChen YuanB07
Micah FeldmanNianci GanW07
Sheng HuoFrank SalantrieW07
Daniel LambertDerek ZhouB07
Xiaoping WuPaul CelmerW07
Joshua GuarinoBoris BernadskyB07
Javier GonzalezThomas BitontiW07
Peter ArmeniaChristopher MorseW07
Bart JacobPhillip BrixW07
David FruchtenichtJim ConynghamB07
Adam BridgesBob BaconW07
Ursa WoodringThomas MeliW07
Tom RoncoliNeal SiekierskiW00
Paul MendolaGrayson YorkW07
Daniel ChiquitoRussell HermanW00
Matthew GregoireDavid ShaoW20
Justin SuCecilia CarterW07
Mei CaiTianyi LinW00


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